If you are planning to go on a detox diet, make sure that your food is tasty and cleanses the body well. Here are some recipes that include some of the best detox salads, smoothies, snacks, soups and more. Try them, eat them and benefit from them into a healthier and cleaner version of yourself.

Ultimate Guide For Detox Diet

Couscous Kale salad: Kale is a vegetable that you should stock up while you are in the detox period. Try kale chips, smoothies and salads and you will know that it never misses the mark in taste. This salad puts it to good is also used as detoxifying dressing.

Summer Detox Salad: This salad has some amazingly delicious flavours because of the ingredients like cucumber, apple cider vinegar and herbs like parsley and cilantro. You can derive benefits like hydrating effect from cucumber, blood sugar balance from ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar and the antioxidants from the herbs.

Green Goddess Salads: Green can be termed as the color of detoxification, this salad has all the greens and you will relish the taste. The greens in this salad purge the internal organs of the toxins that are stored in them. It gives you enough phytonutrients that can help you fight various diseases and aids in destressing.

Citrus, Green and Seeds Salad: The citrus fruits are filled with the goodness of Vitamin C that boosts the immune system and assists in fighting free radicals. Add leafy greens, sunflower and pumpkin seed to take the nutrition content to the next level.

Nettle and Cauliflower Soup: One may not eat nettles on an everyday basis, but in detox you are always trying new things and giving your body something that it has never been introduced to before. Stinging nettles, this name may sound harsh. However, the benefits of these nettles are plenty and make this soup worth having during the detox period.

Watermelon Gazpacho: This is a summertime soup and is served cold. It is a great recipe for giving your body the required nutrients and help the body fasten the healing and cleansing process. Consisting of watermelon, cucumbers, apple cider vinegar, orange pepper, and herbs, this soup is one that you will want to continue even after the detox period over is over.

Blood Orange and Chia Smoothie: Blood oranges are known for their amazing flavor and do the same to the smoothies that are made using these. Alos they give these smoothies a nice color that makes it look appealing to the eyes. The chia seeds are may be for the most important reason that is detoxifying. Also, to this, they are filled with omega-3 and fiber. Peach is mainly responsible for boosting the flavor and vitamin content.

Detox Lemon Spinach Smoothie: The color of this smoothie comes from the combination of spinach and blueberries. Both provide the much-needed antioxidants and fiber content that is essential for the detoxification process. The lemon juice that is added to the smoothie gives the vital vitamin C to the body and makes it extra healthy.

These were some smoothies, soups, and salads that make it easy to stick to the detox diet. As these are really great in taste and provide the much-needed nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Some of these recipes are made to provide an adequate quantity of phytonutrients and boost your immune system.

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