If you have a Mercedes, then you must know about its features and facilities. Mercedes is one of the luxury cars in this range, and it requires regular maintenance and servicing. But when you opt for the Mercedes servicing, you need to check few things like, the certification, specialization and the nature of servicing provided by the service stations. Luxury car servicing like Mercedes needs to be serviced by the authorized serviced centers only, because different model of Mercedes are designed with several significant features, and the manufacturing Company provides these updates to their authorized serviced centers. So the technicians of the authorized centers are mainly trained in this niche and they deal with the Mercedes cars only.

Why do you Avail the Mercedes Services?

  • It is suggested that always service your Mercedes from authorized service centers because they can handle any types of problems.
  • If the service centers suggest you to install duplicate spare parts at cheap price, then avoid them because if you install duplicate spare parts in Mercedes then your car will be dysfunctional soon.
  • Mercedes car services maintain the manufacturer’s manual, and they know the updates of the automobile company. So they can solve the problem immediately.
  • Luxury cars like Mercedes needs an additional insurance coverage for these servicing periods, because if there any damage occurs during servicing, then you cannot avail the main insurance coverage.
  • Apart from that, if you have a Mercedes, then you cannot travel without your own car and Mercedes services provide rental car during servicing and you can avail this facility easily.

The Mercedes Warranty

If you are already a proud owner, you are well aware of the warranty of your car. If you are planning to own a Mercedes soon then for a new car the warranty conditions are documented in the company website.

  • If you are going to purchase a used car the warranty coverage is a bit complicated. If the previous owner is covered under the warranty he can transfer the residual part of the warranty period to you. If he is not covered by the warranty then you are not.
  • If your vehicle is Company certified pre-owned then you can get warranty from company. But, don’t guess and don’t trust the car agent; talk to the company service center or email them with the VIN or vehicle identification number.

Avail High Quality Mercedes Service Only from The Authorized Mercedes Dealers

Maintaining Your Car

It is necessary to maintain the luxury car on regular basis, because if you do not maintain these cars properly then you must spend huge amount as servicing charges in future and longevity of your car also decreases.

  • Keep it clean and use the company certified cleaning gels or simply do the dusting as advised by the company and get it cleaned from the service station periodically.
  • The owners frequently ask about fuel, remember the gasoline engines runs on high octane lead-free gasoline, the octane number should be 91 or above.
  • The connectivity is another hot spot and the anxious members will ask whether their Bluetooth Smartphone can be paired with the car system; to get your answer visit the “Bluetooth Connectivity Website” you will get the answer. If your local service provider fails to the easiest way is to call the toll free number to get assistance.

Know Your Car

You are the owner of a modern car; the modern cars are complicated and need careful handling. So, go through the car manual not once, but repeatedly if you are not an engineer. The first thing you must know is what you can’t do. Make a list and then try to understand the basics of maintenance; that is how to change flat tyres or car battery etc. Don’t fudge it will void the warranty.

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