Car servicing is like a regular health check-up done for the car. It is a set of maintenance routines the car should go through after it had run travelled certain distance. Activities like changing engine oil, filters, replacing spark plug, brake fluids and power steering fluids are checked and refilled, lubrication is applied and tyre conditions are verified.

Why do you need to avail the car servicing?

  • It keeps the car in perfect running conditions thus ensuring safe travel for us. Keeping the car serviced regularly will allow for regular inspection of brakes, brake fluids, air bags and prevent any freak accidents when they fail.
  • A complete servicing history adds to the resale value. A complete servicing will help maintain the various parts with appropriate lubrication, and prevents clogging.
  • A complete servicing history also ensures prompt insurance claims. It is a proof that the car was in good working condition and damage if any has happened to the car is due to an unforeseen incident as per the clause in the insurance agreement
  • A serviced car emits less smoke and consumes less petrol. So it becomes both environment friendly and budget friendly too.

4 reasons to choose the best car-servicing center

  1. Should have a transparent service at an affordable price. They should clearly state the services provided, provide bills for every new spare component, and should be answerable for all the doubts in the minds of the customer. The price also should be budget friendly.
  2. Should have a good network so that an increase in load can be evenly distributed. It is not always that a steady queue is in a service center. If the vehicle inflow ever peaks up, the servicing center should have the ability to transfer the servicing to a nearby servicing center. Quality of service should not be compromised due to the heavy inflow of vehicle traffic.
  3. Should have adequate tools and technology to service a car. Today there are cars of different engine models, ranging from the traditional diesel to the environment friendly electric vehicles, so it becomes important that the servicing center has the necessary technology to handle all the cars.
  4. The operating staff, including the receptionist should have the subject knowledge and procedures up to date. In effect the service center should have trained its personnel adequately.

For Your Car Servicing What Are The Things To Know and Things To Do

Points to keep in mind before giving the vehicle for service

The car services should diagnose the accurate problem of your car and they must ensure high quality work at an affordable price. There are two types of servicing interim service and full service. An interim service happens half-yearly and a full service happens annually. A full service includes inspection of brake fluids, wheel alignment and wheel balancing, air filters and so on. It is important that one chooses a good and trusted car service provider. Once the car is in possession with the service center, they should take good care of the car and should not replace the spare parts with spurious ones. State clearly the problems faced while driving the car. For example, the car makes unnecessary noise while braking or it takes a longer time to halt after braking, or the car wobbles while driving and so on.

Take a test drive to ensure the entire problem stated while giving the vehicle for servicing, are solved. Make sure no new scratches or damages are done to the car while receiving it back from the service provider. There are various online car services available in the online portals and you can hire them online also. You just need to place your query on their portals and their customer care cell shall contact you within a short time.

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