The market for used motor homes is vast and intimidating. There are thousands of unscrupulous sellers, who are waiting at every turn to cut an unfair deal. Well, this does not however mean that RV buyers are happily settling on a lemon. In fact, informed buyers never treat any second hand purchase as an act of faith. Rather, they ask sellers a volley of questions before they finally seal a deal. Are you planning to sell off your RV soon? Then chalk out a game-plan to be able to face these savvy buyers with confidence. As a seller, you cannot deny them their right to know whether they are making a bad choice or not. In fact, it would be better for you if you readily come up with satisfactory answers for all their queries. Your confidence will enable your prospect to make up his/ her mind in favor of the deal. Here’s our list of a few questions that you are likely to face when a prospect comes to visit your rig:

Why Are You Selling It?

Buyers ask this question to get a better idea of the overall value of the vehicle. Every owner has a specific reason for selling his vehicle. Your failure to provide a clear answer to this question may be a deal breaker. It may make buyers feel that there is something fishy, and so you are trying to dispose it off. It is always better to be out with your reason. At the same time, make it clear that you are looking for the right price, and you are willing to wait until you get it. This will help you keep haggling buyers at bay.

Can I See Proof of Ownership?

Give the buyer a straight answer. If there has been a change of hand previously, there is no reason to hide the fact. It is generally considered a bad sign when a seller tries to hide the list of previous owners, so provide them with the full ownership history. Suppressing fact in this respect may prove counterproductive. Instead, tell the buyers the truth, and let them judge for themselves. It will be foolish to assume that a rig is in a bad shape, simply because it has been owned by multiple owners.

Can I Inspect the Car’s Paper Work?

A savvy buyer is expected to always ask for the original papers, and they are not likely to accept copies. Don’t let this opportunity go, as these documents will enable you to establish the problem-free status of your rig. Show them all your original documents including registration certificate, service book and road tax receipts to earn their confidence.

Has the Vehicle Been Involved in Any Accident?

If your vehicle has been in an accident, it is better to tell the truth than leaving the buyers to discover signs of visible damages all by themselves. Be forthcoming with the fact, and buyers will feel more inclined to take the deal forward.

How Many Miles?

Buyers want to know the vehicle’s mileage for two reasons. First, it enables them to research possible insurance quotes. Secondly, it helps them verify your word with the actual odometer reading when they test drive your rig. Anything inconsistent may raise their suspicion, ultimately making them back out. So make sure there is no clash between the mileage figure you give out and the one shown in your vehicle’s odometer.

Can I Test-Drive the Car?

For a buyer, test-driving is an opportunity to check every aspect of a rig. Your denial may make it look like there’s some major problem with your rig. Never turn down a buyer’s request to test drive. You can accompany the buyer when he takes your vehicle out, or arrange for somebody to go with him.

These were a few questions that are likely to be asked by RV buyers as they come to examine your rig. Some people ask these questions over e-mails or phone, but most of them prefer to do so in person. Our list will enable you to know what to expect and to do your homework accordingly.

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