Cargo Boxes are a good storage solution in terms of freeing up space inside the car, as well as to haul a lot of stuff that is necessary for every trip. These are the most preferred storage solutions when there is not enough space inside the car. You will do a lot of homework in choosing the best cargo boxes to suit the budget, carrying capacity, and materials that it is made of. You need to know how to store cargo boxes so they will last long and you won’t have to keep on buying another one every so often.


If you hang it from the ceiling

When you have a lot of space in the car garage, then you won’t have to worry, because you can store the cargo box anywhere. If you there is not enough space in the garage, you need to hang the cargo box from the ceiling. In today’s times, you will see a lot of lifting solutions for cargo boxes so you can lift from the top of your car and give space so your box can stay in the garage.

Use a storage rack

You need to look for spaces under the bed and a lot of cargo boxes are designed to sleek and thin in order to minimize the resistance in the wind while on the car’s roof. A lot of cargo boxes can be placed under the bed where nothing else is occupying the space.

You can check the storage areas you have at home to check if the items that are already placed there can be put inside the cargo box. You can then put the cargo box and put it inside the box where you freed up some space.

You can install a storage rack or hanger inside the garage. The material used to make racks or normally metal frame and can be installed on the garage’s roof so it can be used as a loft for storage. The instructions for installation will differ which will depend on the kind of rack you own. The manufacturers of cargo boxes also make hangers and elevated racks that can only be used for the products they offer.

You can hang it on the wall

Another option that is available to you is to mount the cargo box on the wall using a hanger, if there is not enough room on the top section of the garage and floor space is not enough as well. There are some types of wall hangers that can be fitted to any type of wall that includes plaster, wood or bricks.

Advantages of hanging the cargo box

How To Store Cargo Box

It is easy to install these hanging solutions and it is a guarantee that branded companies only make products made with high-quality materials. They are simple to use and ceiling suspension or hanging on walls can definitely save you a lot of space in the garage. Some of the storing solutions can accommodate up to 100 to 150 lbs. The majority of cargo boxes only weigh up to 60 lbs. The hangers on the wall have padding as cushion to keep cargo boxes from being scratched or scuffed. The majority of the solutions that are for hanging or hoisting are provided with a manual for DIY so you can install it on your own. Some of them even come with a strap to give additional protection for your cargo box.

Before anything else, you should think about where you will store the cargo box, and if you do not have a lot of space or garage for storage, you can buy a hoist that you can use with a pulley so the roof box can be stored on the ceiling on top of the car. If you own a smaller roof box, then you can put it inside the shed or loft if it won’t cause you any trouble to move it up and down. During emergencies, cargo boxes can be stored in the garden because cargo boxes are durable and waterproof.

Follow the given tips and you will not have a problem storing your cargo box.

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