There is a big difference in driving any car and driving a BMW. This is a luxurious car which is classy and elegant. Any driver feels proud when he is on the driver seat of this car. To ensure that this pleasure is long lasting you need to keep a strict watch on the service schedule and get it services regularly. Maintaining the car gets easier with regular servicing. Repairs means expenses, and this does not work out well. Spending a wee bit on servicing is anytime preferable than spending on repairs.

BMW Recommended Service Schedule:

Following the recommended service schedule of the manufacturer ensures that all the components of the BMW function properly for a long period of time. The exact tie for servicing a BMW depends on the model of BMW. We list below a schedule which is recommended for the current model of this car.

Every 12 months or for every 10,000 miles:

You need to opt for the Oil Service and Safety Service. This includes oil filter change, oil change, horn, brakes,  windshield and wiper with the wiper fluid, dashboard warning lights and indicator lights, engine coolant, steering linkage, hoses and rubber belts, components of suspension, check of tire pressure and the fluid leaks, if any.

The first 30,000 miles and every 60,000 miles there on:

1.Inspection 1: Prior inspection includes, engine temperature verification, power steering system, transmission of leaks, rear axle, exhaust system check for leaks, proper mounting and positioning, overall condition. This also includes cleaning the contact points of the brake pads, checking the surface of the brake discs, examination of the thickness of the brake pads.

2. Tires and Wheels: Examination of the wear and tear in tires, pressure of the tires, greasing of wheel center hubs.

3. Under the Hood: Checking the coolant, anti freeze, windshield water fluids, clutch and brake. Examination of hose connections and engine cooling system is carried out.  A battery load test is performed with a check done on the electrolyte levels and resetting of the service indicator.

4. Body and Interior: The exterior and interior lighting is checked for functionality, dashboard, instrument panel and indicator lights are checked for control and illumination, air blowers and heating checked, safety belts checked, a visual check of air bags, mirrors checked.

Recommended Maintenance Schedule For BMW

A short road test is taken to ensure that your BMW is in a working condition.

Every 60,000 miles:

All the components of inspection are carried out along with an inspection of lining of the parking brake, spark plugs and air filters are replaced,  flexible boots are checked for leaks, car body is checked according to the warranty given for rust protection.

Reasons for BMW Service:

Safety can be the top reason you need to ensure by regular servicing of your BMW. This factor of safety is directly connected to the car’s condition. Since getting the car serviced in accordance to the schedule covers up most essential factors, you are relaxed when venturing for a long drive in your BMW.

Regular servicing can sort out problems in the initial stages. It is advisable not to wait till your car breaks down to go to the garage and get this serviced. This is being ‘penny wise pound foolish’. The performance of a car determines the fuel usage. Regular servicing leads to fuel economy, which is another saving you can look forward to with your BMW.

Choose a reputed service center if you are there to get through to a dealer or a center of the manufacturer’s choice. A little effort taken goes a long way and helps you enjoy your BMW to the maximum.

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