Call tracking dramatically reduces risk. Most successful businesses minimise risk. By monitoring telephone calls from the moment a lead clicks your phone number online, right through until they convert and a value is associated with them, valuable data is obtained. This management level insight into the business is made available through our call tracking product. Our call tracking software allows you to track calls from all your marketing materials – whether they clicked an ad or website link or called after viewing your print advert or billboard, we can track where the call originated (time, date and location data capture), record the entire phone conversation and allow the phone operator to assign an outcome to the conversation – did a sale occur? How much was the sale for? The possibilities this software open up are limitless. You will never miss another phone call as messages are recorded and emailed to you (or the relevant staff member) immediately. Here’s some examples of how Topcatt clients are using this service:

A medical professional spends a significant amount of money on search engine marketing (including Google Adwords and Social Media). They are able to assign a different 0800 number to each marketing source. When someone interacts with an advertisement and clicks-to-call, the source of the call is recorded. They are able to record the telephone conversation to allow better phone-manner coaching with the practice receptionist. If a booking is made, at the completion of the call, the receptionist simply enters the estimated amount the booking is worth. At the end of each day, we are able to determine (in real time if necessary) which marketing streams are producing the best results and adjust their marketing spend on-the-fly to ensure they are always getting the most out of their budget.

Another client is in real estate. They have a number of agents working for them. Over time, they have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of Cantonese-speaking enquiries both vendor and buyer related. Using Topcatt Call tracking, they provide the caller with options for either English-speaking or Cantonese-speaking (IE for English press 1, for Cantonese press 2) and Cantonese-speaking clients are immediately routed to the appropriate agent. Since implementing this system, they have noted more than 50% increase in Cantonese-speaking business which has had a dramatic effect on their growth.

Another client has recently needed to record phone calls for training and compliance purposes. Topcatt Call tracking made this process simple and affordable. They have noticed a significant improvement in their phone conversions just by installing the software.

Why not talk to one of our Call Tracking experts to discuss how this affordable software could improve your marketing return, help your company meet its compliance requirements, manage your different sales channels and more.