It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Throughout the evolution and development of human civilization, it has been seen that necessities big and small, have led humankind at the doorstep of invention. However, things don’t begin and end with the prospect of invention. For an idea to thrive and prosper, it has to be usable as well as effective. If necessity together with effectuality is taken as the governing parameter, there are reasons to justify the immense popularity of credit card. Irrespective of how the idea came into being and the way it surged ahead to make its mark; you can safely conclude that ease of use and that of convenience have spearheaded the predominance of credit card.

Situations That Have Abetted The Popularity Of Cards Of Credit

Market economy with its thrust on consumerism has played a pivotal role in boosting the popularity of a credit card. From hiring a car to paying off for your culinary fancy at your chosen joint of eating; it is always preferable settling things with a credit card. First and foremost, you are prevented from the hassles of having to move around with cash. Secondly, if you really have to hedge your bets between both forms of payment; the usage of a card based system stands out better than the cash based orientation. Theoretically speaking, by signing the receipt of credit, you make a promise of payment to your respective credit issuer. Mostly, it is seen, that you have a month’s time to wait for prior to clearing out the bills of credit payment.

Deferred Payment Is One Of The Benefits

Thus, by using a credit card, you are exempted from making a payment in cash and in that way you are being able to avoid the hassles of instantaneous payment. In case, you are able to clear out the bills within the stipulated time frame, without tottering under the burden of balance payment; there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using a credit card.

You Needn’t Travel With Cash

Apart from the zealous advantage of deferred payment, credit card minimizes the risks of theft. In case, you are used to frequent touring and travelling, the usage of one such card becomes one of the essential imperatives. Just, think of the prospect of having your pocket picked and that too in the course of travelling. Despite all the necessary precautions, you may not be able to avoid one such eventuality. Rather than being sorry, it is preferable being safer. Travelling with a credit card goes a long way in adding to the edge of safety. Instead of travelling with cash, you will have one or more card chipping in with their necessary role.

Gives You The Option For Blocking Your Account

Now, you may well be prone to asking what if the credit card itself gets stolen. Well, the aftermath of a theft can never be pleasant. But if by any chance, the credit card is displaced, you can request the respective authority to seal the bank account. With further request and application, you can have another card reissued. On the other hand, if you bag full of cash is lost or stolen, there is very little that you can practically do, to have it retrieved.

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