Finding it impossible to follow-up with every prospect on time? A large volume of leads makes it confusing to follow-up with leads? More than 90% time, sales team faces these issue and sales team is bound to forget following up with prospects if they do not have a proper system in place.  With a huge volume of leads, it is obvious that some leads may fall out of the net.

If you wish to get in touch with all your prospects on time or automate your follow-up process entirely, you need an email automation software. An email automation tool can automate or help you get in touch with almost all your leads on time without any manual intervention.

Let’s take a look at how exactly you can automate your follow-up and focus on spending time with customers:-

1] Schedule automated bulk emails:-

This is a commonly required feature for the sales team to communicate with all prospects at once. Usually, sales team opts a bulk email software to send their marketing/promotional emails and such software needs pretty good investment. Today, there are tools like email automation CRM which is a CRM having bulk emails feature inbuilt so you do not need to invest in an extra tool. An email automation software will help you schedule bulk email at once so you never miss a deal and stay connected with customers. Plus this bulk email communication can be synced with the lead/contact so you have all your historical communication with the contact.

2] Set series of email:-

After bulk email, this is the most common requirement of sending email series to leads/contacts. So for example, if you are a SaaS company and you want to send the first email as welcome email second as product tutorial email, such custom email automation can be easily handled by an email automation software.  There are many sales teams who would love to send these automated emails and stay in constant touch with customers without actually sending every email manually.

3] Two-way email sync:-

To know what was the past communication with any lead/ contact, you must have a two-way email sync i.e with an email account to email automation software and vice versa. This two-way email sync will give you a complete overview of all the communication at one glance without missing any important communication.

4] Track all emails:-

To know who is interested in your emails, you must have an email tracking feature. Once you know the interest level of your contacts in your emails or your offerings, you can then plan your next actions/communication towards closing a deal.

Key Takeaways:-

1] An email automation software can help you save the great amount of time which can be utilized in deal closings.

2] You can get in touch with almost every prospect without missing any leads.

3] You can manage all your email communication at one place (email automation CRM) without investing in a special email software.

Author: Abhishek Agrawal is the Founder & CEO at CompanyHub CRM. A technology lover and a writer who loves to give simple solutions on making sales teams lives easier. You can get in touch with him on Linkedin

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