Stem cells do possess the potential to turn to something big in the body. This though depends on the fact whether they are multi or pluripotent. In a lot of ways they can be conferred the tag of being the repair system of the body and in the meantime do possess the ability to multiply as long as an individual is alive. Once the stem cell divides the daughter cell does possess the ability to divide as well.

If this is a form of treatment option then a detailed treatment plan is being prepared. This though is based on the type of treatment necessary as well. Once the patient has given their thumbs up to the plan of treatment, then an appointment for bone marrow extraction is undertaken. Once again please consider the fact that it is a minimally invasive form of surgery so it is important that the patients do not resort to any blood thinning medicines before 10 days the surgery is performed. Before you discontinue the medication it is necessary to discuss with the doctor.

You need to take note of the fact that stem cell therapy could alleviate the symptoms and prevent reoccurrence of it. This is not the case as always. Though it depends on the additional information on the health needs of a patient, the medical staff can ask for any round of stem cell therapy or in certain cases could cancel the treatment as well.

In terms of side effects, it does tend to differ from a person to person. Some of the side effects that could arise from the same are anemia, difficulty to eat or drink along with feeling tired very easily.

As per the inputs of the medical council of India, all form of stem cell therapy except bone marrow is rated to be experimental in nature. It has to be stated that the guidelines that were put into place in the year 2007 are not enforceable. As all of us are aware stem cell is legalized in India.

All over the world, people are looking up to India in terms of affordable stem cell therapy.  In terms of cost you do end up saving 25 % of the costs and there is no waiting period as far as surgery is concerned. When osteoarthritis stems cell therapy India, you can get admitted on one day and the surgery is expected to be performed in the next few days.Though the cost is dependant on the type of implantation that is provided.

India is casting its own benchmark in terms of medical care. There is no lack of hospitals in India and they could be compared to the best in the world. Even the support staff in these hospitals are a lot friendly and since English is the second language that is spoken here the foreign patients tend to be at ease. Even the surgeons go on to explain the various process of surgery before asking a patient their consent for the same.

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