Life is not always the way you want it to be. In fact, the more you are moving forward, thinking about the future, there are more challenges to face. The phase where parenthood is on edge is when your kids are spoiled and exploited by others, but you are unable to do anything about it. Similarly, having trusted employees is a blessing, but at the same time, finding the one person breaching the privacy is hard. You don’t want to hurt the sentiments of people, yet you want to know if they are the ones sabotaging your business on purpose.

Do you wish to have something magical and find those people in your office or protect your kids from cybercriminals? Well, we are here to give you cheering news about the best WhatsApp spyware.

You can check out the amazing app with tremendous features to track the WhatsApp activities of the people.

Features of the TheOneSpy to rely on for your safety

We understand if your children creep you out at the time because of the way they behave. Even you can be wondering about the people working for you also acting strange. At times, the problem is that they are in touch with someone who is influencing their minds and playing with them. So, here you can rescue your kids and business using the amazing features of spy on android TheOneSpy.

1.     Recording of Voice call/VOIP Calls

The feature allows you to record all the calls. Yes, we are not only talking about the network calls, but the social media calls too, including WhatsApp. You can now hear the calls or put them on record to hear it later. Just keep track of calls with you when you are trying to understand your kids’ behavior or your employees.

TheOneSpy is ensuring to deliver the quality of the sound and without any breaks. You can get the details right on your dashboard and a single touch away.

2.     Recording Voice messages and text chat

Nowadays, every app has an option for voice messages. Sometimes it is easy to get through the messages, especially with WhatsApp, you might miss the voice notes. However, TheOneSpy makes it easy for you to easily spy on the chat, messages, and choice notes. Record them, listen to them, and keep track of all the messages in a series. Just signup, follow the procedure, and you are good to go.

3.     Works on rooted and non-rooted devices

The software works on all sorts of devices. Normally, spy apps need rooting, and it is not easy for all. But TheOneSpy is making it easy for you.  Whether or not a rooted device is used by the user or target person, you can still access all the data you need to protect your company or child.

4.     Filter the web surfing

When we talk about kids, the major issue is their surfing habits on the internet. They are usually acting strange and not behaving well because of their surfing habits on the internet. Excess of unauthentic and inappropriate information can teach them bizarre things about life. You, as a parent, have serious concerns. But here comes TheOneSpy at its best to rescue your children and you to filter their web links and block any harmful content through remote access to the device.

5.     Track their location

One of the other worries from the safety concern is about the location. It is not exactly a location you worry about, but knowing your kids’ whereabouts or employees in some cases. The app is not only for WhatsApp spy as you can also find out the information by tracing other applications.

Bottom Line

TheOneSpy is one in all as it works as best WhatsApp Spy app and also as  tracking software for you to keep an eye on the other data of the phone too. You can use it as you need it.

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