Having a guy friend is like having a protective brother, whom one can count on forever and with whom one wouldn’t trade this friendship. They are our confidante, our partner in crime, and even our all-time favorite hangout partner. They make us feel comfortable and confident in our own selves by sharing their valuable insights, advice, and words of wisdom. Hence they deserve to be thrown a kickass birthday party and to be pampered with some of the coolest possible birthday gifts. If you are one of those people who value friendship than anything else in this world, then you better think of getting your sweet male friend any of these uber cool gifts for friends. We are pretty sure that they are going to love your way of surprising them on their birthday. So without much ado, take some cues and start your shopping, right away. 

  1. Personalized Chocolates – Let us start by stating to you a universal fact, that – guy friends are always hungry and crave something junk or sweet. Which is why it makes perfect sense to pamper them with personalized chocolates with a beautiful picture and quote printed on the chocolate bars’ wrapper. You can order chocolates online and get it customized over some online or offline gift stores at a reasonable price.
  2. Friendship Beer Mug – Every guy’s friend shares a very deep or special relationship with beer or any alcohol, which is why it will be perfect to give a friendship beer mug to him on his upcoming birthday. You both can say cheers to his existence on this beautiful planet called Earth and relish a few drinks together in it. Additionally, you can get his birthday and his name engraved on it to make it a great birthday gift.
  3. Comfy T-Shirt – For every urbane young boy/man loves a comfy yet cool t-shirt which is a much-needed staple garment. A comfy t-shirt oozes out style at some casual event or for say, even at some parties when paired with a cool pair of chinos. You can get him a comfy yet stylish t-shirt on his birthday with something quirky written on it.
  4. Pair Of Sneakers – Let everyone know that he is the coolest person, who has a great taste in fashion, as you gift him a pair of sneakers. You can get a white pair of sneakers as it would easily complement nicely with any other color of wardrobe from some reputed footwear brand. 
  5. Healthy Munchies Basket – We are pretty sure that your guy friend doesn’t mind gaining quite some kgs. But as his friend or caretaker, the thought of gifting him with a basket full of yummy yet healthy treats is sure to brighten up his birthday by a few more ounces. You can self customize it or can purchase an already customized one. 
  6. Birthday Cake – We don’t feel that your guy friend’s birthday would be complete unless there is an appealing yet appetizing birthday cake for him. So you can order some birthday cake online or bake it yourself for him and get it delivered just when the clock strikes 12 at midnight. It will make quite an impression on him. 
  7. Personalized Photo Frame – Until now, you and your guy friend must have shared some fun, happy moments together giggling or bitching about someone. It’s time to collect those beautiful pictures and get it framed in a personalized photo frame so that it is cherished for the rest of your life. You can get either one of our fondest memories framed in it or you can make a collage of all those pictures and frame it in a customized photo frame. We bet he is going to love it!

So, what’s your pick gonna be for him?

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