Downloading movies and TV shows allow you to stream content offline. When you want to watch a show on your PC or smartphone and you don’t want stuff like buffering due to slow internet speed to bother you, downloading is what helps you with that. Once you download a movie to the local storage of your phone or PC, you’d be able to watch it offline, whenever you want to.

When it comes to downloading movies and TV shows, using torrent is probably the best way of doing that. Here is why

Benefits of Downloading Movies Via Torrent

  • When you use torrent to download a movie, the download doesn’t restart when your computer system shuts down. It restarts from right where it stopped when you turned off your PC. So, you don’t have to restart the download every time which makes downloading large files easier and simpler for the user.
  • Using torrent, you can download all the movies and TV shows of your choice for free. There are a number of free torrent websites out there that can be used for downloading the movies and TV shows.
  • The movies download process via torrent is easy and simple. You just need to know the exact name of the show that you want to download, the torrent would take care of the rest for you.

Downloading movies and TV shows are much different than what you get with the streaming sites like Moviesda. Torrent offers better control over the download experience.

How to Download Movies and TV shows with Torrent

Here is how you can download Movies and TV shows with torrent

Installing a Torrent Client Software

First, you are going to need a torrent client app that you install on your PC or your mobile phone. A torrent client app is a software that processes the torrent files. You can easily find torrent client software online. uTorrent is one of the most popular software for downloading torrent files out there. You can easily download this software from the internet.

Other popular torrent client software includes

  • Vuze
  • qBittorent
  • BitPort
  • Deluge

Download any of these software and move on to the next step.

Downloading the Torrent File

Next thing that you are going to need is to download the torrent file. There are a wide range of websites that offer torrents for movies and TV shows. You can download torrent by

  • Magnet download link
  • By Torrent File

For downloading with magnet download, you just need to search for the show that you want to download, click on the magnet icon and the torrent file would automatically load up in the client software.

If you choose to download the torrent file, you’d need to select the option which corresponds to that. Once you have that, you just click on it and it opens up in the torrent client software.

Best Torrent Sites for Downloading Movies Torrent

Here are some of the websites that you can use for downloading torrent files for the movies and TV shows of your choice

  • The Pirate Bay: The Pirate Bay is one of the best websites for movies and TV shows download. This website might not look aesthetically pleasing, but you will find the biggest collection of torrent files here. This site holds the torrent for all the cartoons that you can find on Kissanime, which makes this site better than other torrent platforms.
  • 1337x: This website is quite great in terms of design as well as performance. You won’t find ads on this website and the collection of torrents for movies and TV shows is just amazing. The website also hosts audio books and PDFs.
  • RARBG: This torrent platform is quite great in terms of its features and the overall use experience. It hosts all the latest movies and TV shows. This website offers the quickest way you can get access to the shows of your choice, as soon as they become available online.
  • YTS: This website is primarily for movies. You won’t find TV shows here but the content quality on this website is HD. Although the site takes some time to update with the latest movies, but it always uploads the HD rip for the movies. You can find the latest as well as all time classic movies on YTS.
  • KATMovieHD: If you are looking for the biggest collection of South Indian Movies torrents, then you have to check out this website. On KatMovieHD, you will find a pretty massive collection of South Indian movies including Tamil and Telugu.


Final Words

Downloading movies and TV shows with torrent might feel overwhelming at first, but once you learn to use it, it can prove to be quite valuable. You can use the torrent websites to download all the shows that you like for free. Go through the guide for using torrent that we have talked about here and if you have any question about it, let us know in the comments section.

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