So, you may have heard about USCIS status that is totally for the people. A lot of people take help from this institute and their immigration services. Therefore, USCIS status provides services along with some wonderful features, services, and facilities as well.

When people apply for uscis, they need to pay some fees. You need to take instructions about USCIS case status online or offline.

So, you must go further from instruction in the next section we will focus on form instructions.

Form instructions of uscis forms  

So, here is some farming structure that you need to follow while applying for the uscis case status.

Firstly, you need to insert form I-485 for the sake of linking your application and form forever with the USCIS government. These farm instructions already very important to follow. If you don’t follow the farm instructions, you cannot immigrate to the United States of America.

Signature for uscis and their types

So, when it comes to signature there are two types of signs that you need to keep in your mind. One of them is an electronic signature and the second one is the original signature. Firstly, the original signature that helps your case to be accepted easily and quickly and you can have your signature on your farm without any tension or delay.

The original signature would add more value to the application. Secondly electronic signature is better and you can have them in scanned reproduced and fixed format.

What is the unacceptable signature?

If signature does not belong to that specific person, that type of signature would be unacceptable. Further, signature by typewriter or any computer application.

Fees that everyone would pay for online uscis case status

Fees are the mandatory part of USCIS status. Therefore, you need to pay them if you want to immigrate to the USA. If you are under 14 and you just pay the form fees not the bio matric verification fees. Further, if your age limit extends and it crosses 14 years, you would have to pay both biometric and form fees as well.

You need to download updated versions of forms. The reason behind this is that if you download an old version and pay the fee your application would be in cancellation. Therefore, you need to download the updated form and pay the correct fees which are necessary.

Visa requirements| Top priorities to keep in mind

There are two cases for visa available requirements: One of them is that some relatives are living in the United States of America and they avail of the visa availability requirements. On the other hand, you need to fill the form that will be belonging to basic things. For instance, employment-based or family-based you wait for the visa until it is available.

What are the major tips to keep in mind for the uscis interview?

The interview would help you gain immigration and brief them that you are available. There are some interview tips and guidelines. While interviewing, the officer verifies documents firstly and then asks questions. In these questions, applicants revise the data for applications. As a result, your case would be acceptable.

Documents and their attestation

Documents and their attestation have their own importance. If your documents are original, these would take your minimum time for verification.


Photographs are essential to recognize you. There are some important keys to follow for your photographs.

  • 2” x 2” in color with full face and frontal view.
  • The white background is essential, printed on thin paper with a glossy finish.
  • And these must be un-mounted and un-retouched.


The birth certificate adds more value to the documents. Further, it is a good option for identity. And it must have an ENglish translation.

AFFIDAVIT (for more help)

Affidavit helps officers and uscis staff to process your information easily. Further, it is for their relaxation. If you want to fill I-864, I-864A, and I-864EZ. Furthermore, this can be helpful for immigration.


The record copies are the greatest source to escape from tension. Once you attach certified copies with your documents, it will increase your relaxation. Therefore, you need to go for the certified copies of records.

Final thoughts about uscis case status

To sum up the whole discussion, uscis case status is really a wonderful platform for immigrants. Everyone can take information with the help of email, phone, and by visiting the office. Moreover, there is an applicant tracker and applicant receipt number. This receipt number consists of 13-digits and you just need to enter these 13-digits to check your case current status. Coming to the main point, interview opportunities and form filling instructions are enough for an applicant to follow.

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