Land records maintained by Indian states are a depository of property details. Such records include property number, its mutation details, valuation, etc. In this regard, the state of West Bengal has moved a step further and launched Banglarbhumi, an online platform to access West Bengal land records.

What is the Banglarbhumi Portal?

Operated by the Department of Land and Land Records in joint efforts with the Directorate of Land Records and Survey, Banglarbhumi provides a single-stop window for all land and property-related details. Individuals can access every record and details regarding any plot in the state of West Bengal via this platform.

Alongside, it also provides access to Record of Rights with a quick turnaround procedure. Land records are one of the essential documents required while purchasing or selling any property. Also, while applying for a home loan, lenders ask for this document to verify the authenticity of the plot.

Services offered by Banglarbhumi

The services of Banglarbhumi are not limited to the usage of individuals. This portal is used by various departments of the West Bengal Government as well. Here are some prominent services that one can avail on this platform –

  • Preparing and maintaining West Bengal land record.
  • Enforcing Record of Rights.
  • Regular update of the records.
  • Digital download of the land records and maps.
  • Details of land distribution.
  • Plot and Khatian information.
  • ARTI and LMTC training.
  • Thika Tenancy.
  • ISU management.
  • Rent controller services.
  • Demarcation of India and Bangladesh border.
  • Filing of Public grievances.
  • Additional citizen-centric services.

Benefits of Banglarbhumi

The advantages of the Banglarbhumi online portal are the following –

  1. Residents of West Bengal can now access their property details online conveniently via this portal. They are not required to visit any office and access these records in person. It thus saves their time as well.
  2. Since it is an online platform, one can access the West Bengal land records within a few seconds. He/she needs to keep the required details handy to do so.
  3. Residents living in the remotest areas of the state can also access such details with ease.
  4. It simplifies the sale and purchase of properties within the state.
  5. It enhances the transparency of this entire process.
  6. The updated and detailed plot and Khaitan details available help to resolve a property dispute without any hassle.
  7. Industrialists can quickly access land record details of their proposed site before investing.
  8. Lastly, the records available here can serve as one of the essential documents that one needs for a home loan.

The Registration Process for Banglarbhumi

New users can follow the process mentioned below to register themselves on this platform and avail its benefits. Such advantages can serve crucial as well as fruitful when applying for advances like a home loan –

  • After visiting the official website of Banglarbhumi, click on the ‘signup’ option.
  • Duly fill the Public Registration Form with essential details like name, address, parent’s name, jurisdiction details, and contact information.
  • Create a password.
  • Next, confirm the signup process with captcha verification.
  • After that, click on ‘Generate OTP’ and enter it to verify details.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ to complete the process.

Land and property records are vital to avail home loans. It serves as one of the essential documents for this purpose. The process of home loan application is further streamlined by pre-approved offers. Such offers help applicants save time during the loan processing and are available on financial products like loans against property as well. Individuals can check their pre-approved offers by submitting their essential contact details.

West Bengal land records are essential to settle any dispute regarding land and properties in the state. Additionally, with the introduction of Banglarbhumi, access to such documents has become easier and quicker. It has further simplified the fulfilment of commercial as well as individual requirements, with the home loan process in India being a suitable example for the latter.

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