Nowadays online ordering food has become a common scenario. 

Ordering from a restaurant, getting food at midnight, or ordering specifically some cuisine specialty has become the most prominent business ideas. No wonder, these are profitable business idea getting your revenue brimming even in challenging times like COVID. Wouldn’t it be nice if you happen to replicate a successful on demand food delivery model for your restaurant business?  Blue Apron clone app can help your restaurant business reach newer heights. 

What is Blue Apron Clone App?

Blue Apron clone app is a concept from the “Blue Apron” app that provides meal kit services to the users. 

The clone app is a perfect solution for those who are running a restaurant business and wish to venture out by having an on-demand app. The clone app script lets you offer your uses the meal boxes containing fresh, handpicked veggies, fruits, and grocery items along with the recipe that can be prepared by the users.

What’s more, you can even customize the features suiting your online restaurant business. 

Why Should You Choose Blue Apron Clone App?

Blue Apron clone script is a meal-kit and food recipe on-demand delivery service. The clone app idea is one of the best business concepts for people already in the restaurant business and wishes to take their business to the next level. 

With the Blue Apron clone script, you can offer on demand meal delivery services that will send your user the required ingredients freshly picked, and along with the recipe instructions so that they can cook an amazing family dinner. Additionally, the app features hundreds of recipes from pure protein packs, to weight loss, detox to simple pizza making, and so on. 

Blue Apron clone app can be used to prepare chef-designed recipes such as Spanish dishes, Mediterranean meals, instant dinners, and more. The meal will have sourced perfectly portioned ingredients to make your meal recipe. 

How To Make An App Like Blue App?

  • You need to identify the services that your restaurant business will cater to, the app model will follow. The pricing is another critical component to attract your customers to download the app. Do thorough research work to analyze customer behavior and preferences.
  • Identify all the features based on the online restaurant delivery that you will be provided through the app. 
  • Know which app platform has the majority of your users and based on that know where you will be launching your app.
  • Look for the right mobile app development company offering white label Blue Apron clone app. The team will be guiding you through your concept and will build a Blue Apron like app for your online restaurant business.

Features Of Blue Apron Clone App 

The Blue Apron clone app comes comprises a host of features that include: 

Cookbook Feature:- The feature has hundreds of recipes of different categories to choose from. The user gets a lot of variation when it comes to ordering the meal recipes. 

Wine features:- The clone app has a wide range of wine collection for its users to choose from. The wine brands are verified names coming from prominent wine yards offered at affordable prices. 

Gift features:- The feature allows the user to gift the meal order/wine to another by sending the delivery order directly to the person. 

Managing orders:- The admin can manage the user orders, review transactions between the seller and buyer, and keep track  Admin will be able to manage users’ orders as well as review transaction between buyer and seller.

Category Management Section:- The dynamic admin panel with its robust features can manage different categories so that the app can serve seamless operations.

Pricing Options:- The clone scripts offer a variety of plans to the users such as a 2-person plan and a family plan. The users can choose the meal plan suiting their requirements. 

Concluding Thoughts

Blue Apron Clone app is a readymade, app equipped with standard features enabling you to kick-start your business. The benefit of working with a pro-level company is they have the script ready for you. The clone app architecture is developed on cutting-edge technologies, that make your app robust, scalable, robust, and easy to customize the features as per your business requirements. 

If you are thinking to launch your own restaurant delivery business or you wish to scale up the existing one, having the Blue Apron clone app can be the perfect solution for your business. 

The mobile app company that you are planning to hire should have professionally handled similar app projects. They should be offering a customized white-label app solution.

Author Bio:

Anurag Rathod has a deep-rooted passion for technology, working as an Digital Marketing Manager and editor for more than a decade with He likes to read technology blogs and also share new ideas related to on demand clone app development.

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