Remember sports luxe? How can you, it was so 2012. Now fashion has developed athleisure wear, which to those who have eyes is pretty much the same thing, except designers are using breathable materials so you can successfully work out in these multi use outfits. While updating your wardrobe, here are five brands to look out for when contemplating the athleisure wear style. Some you will have heard of, and others might be new.


Adidas has seemed to be a mainstay in sportswear for most of our lives, but since it re-released Adidas originals it has taken the crown for athleisure clothing. Celebrity endorsements are varied and include; rappers Stormzy and Kanye West, model Hailey Balwin, and sports stars such as Paul Pogba and David Beckham. The catalogue for the sports giant has lots to choose from, but the most popular is the street style tees. Whether it is with the logo or three stripes, it has become cool to wear Adidas again.


From old to new, Gym Gator is a gym wear UK brand that is showcasing a range that focuses on both in the gym and after. Designs are sleek and simple, and as an up and coming UK brand, it has already had an impact in the countries city gyms thanks to the designs extreme cooling and comfort. Especially ideal for bench-pressers are the sleeveless hoodies and tight tees. Expect to see Gym Gator as a front-runner next year as athleisure takes over in the UK.


Another newcomer, but this time with the promotional power only Zlatan Ibrahimovic himself could exert. Clearly inspired by Swedish minimalism, the A-Z range offers class while sticking to comfort of other leisure wear. The self-proclaimed king himself frequently models the clothing in his Instagram posts, where you will frequently see him working out or practising kickboxing. Prices aren’t as high as the style suggests and this gear will provide as much inspiration to the gym as Zlatan does to football fans everywhere.

Reigning Champ

Getting away from European outfitters, Reigning Champ is an up and coming fashion brand who is making serious statements in North America. The plainness of the designs are in keeping with clothing seen worn by Hollywood celebrities this summer, and keeping it casual appears to be the next step in athleisure wear. The difference between Reigning Champ and cheaper alternatives, is the exceptional attention to detail that means quality is high and aging from workouts is minimal. The brand has been collaborating with Adidas but it may soon be ahead of its rival.

Under Armor

Under Armor started out from humble beginnings or producing quality wear for American football professionals. By using similar material that allows the ultimate cooling, they have branched out into fashionable gym wear that ultimately allows maximum efficiency during workouts. Just ask Dwayne Johnson, who the company has listed as an endorser, and is certainly not a slacker when it comes to the gym. But by hiring designer Tim Coppens to oversee the move into streetwear fashion, expect to Under Armor become a force in athleisure into 2018.

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