Going through purchasing or selling a home can be rather tedious. However, the largest concern is how to deal with all of the money involved during buying and selling a house, and sometimes having an extra bit of help along the way is a bright idea. One of the best people to include on a team for buying or selling a house is a real estate lawyer. Here are the four most effective ways to select the best real estate lawyer in Houston.

Look for Reviews and Referrals

Finding a lawyer does not have to be a tough job. Sometimes, asking the right people a few questions is all it takes to be pointed in the right direction. An old fashioned conversation about real estate lawyers with a few people can bring about a lot of information on what to lawyer to choose. At the same time, there are plenty of reviews to find online about them, too. Sometimes, there are business reviews, too, which take a look at the lawyer’s entire practice as a whole, which might give more insight into what this office can do for you. Listening to how great the lawyer is or is not might not be the best way to find out what goes on in their office as a whole..

Make a Few Phone Calls

There are a few different locations to find out about what lawyers are in a given area. Calling the local chamber of commerce might be a good source to find out who the top performing lawyers are. At the same time, there might be a non-profit group available in larger, metropolitan centers that might also have information on real estate lawyers, too. Sometimes, real estate lawyers work for these non-profit groups, so they might be able to provide help at a lower price, should a financial concern be at play.

4 Effective Ways To Select The Best Real Estate Lawyers

Perform an Interview of Prospective Choices

Once a few lawyers have been picked out, then the time has come to perform a few interviews. These interviews can be done in person during a consultation, or they can be done over the phone. In most cases, it is easier to hold a conversation with a lawyer in person than over the phone, but the phone conversations will save a lot of traveling from one office to another. There are a few things to look at during this conversation. One of the things to consider is the lawyer’s personality and whether or not they seem to be hardworking and dedicated to doing what is best for their client instead of what is best for furthering their careers.

Consider the Asking Price

The most important factor that will be at play is how much the lawyer is going to charge for their services. Sometimes, they only want a small commission from the process. However, beware of lawyers that charge various fees for seemingly unknown reasons. Paying a little extra for a good lawyer is worth your while, but do not be fooled into overpaying for subpar services.


These are just some of the things to look for in a real estate lawyer in Houston. We hope some of these recommendations will make finding a real estate lawyer easier for you or at least help you trim down the list of prospects.