Many people have foul body smell and there are things that they can do to reduce. Here are things that we should do:

  1. Towel off properly after showering: Post-shower rubdown is important and it is something that we need to do before putting our clothes on. Many people towel off, but they don’t do it properly. It means that more moisture can be trapped between clothes, between toes, below the breast and between folds of skin. If the area stays damp for hours and the air circulation around it is poor; fungi and bacteria will multiply very fast. Sweat could also exacerbate the condition, because it contains some organic materials that bacteria can feed on.
  2. Reduce consumption of spices: Spices, such as curry powder, garlic and others, actually have significant health benefits. However, we may limit their consumption, if we plan to gather with co-workers for most of the day. Spices can induce halitosis or bad breath. When digested by our body, stinky sulphur-based substances can be released. As an example, allyl methyl sulphide is found in garlic and it’s released as waste from our skin pores and lungs. The effect could last for 3 to 4 hours, depending on the amount of garlic that we consume. If we have consumed a large quantity of spices, it is a good idea to mask the effects by chewing herbs; such as fresh mint and parsley.
  3. Don’t only brush our teeth: We often focus on our teeth while brushing; but we often neglect the rongue. Tongue has many papillae or tiny hair-like projections. They may trap very small bits of food. If we floss and brush regularly, traces of food could be released from nooks and crannies of our teeth; but they may end up on our tongue. We should use mouthwashing products to remove food debris, dead cells and bacteria. We can also use tongue scraper to mechanically remove bacteria and decomposed traces of food.
  4. Manage stress: Obviously, stress can’t be avoided in modern lifestyle. The more sensible way is to manage stress and we continuously face a significant stressor; it is better to take a direct action to address it. If it is a huge external stressor that can’t be removed, we may need to avoid it or make some compromises. Physical responses against stress are essential for our ancestors to scare away saber-toothed tigers as a group. Fast forward to many millennia in the future, these physical responses can become a nuisance, due to sticky underarms and sweaty palms. Other than managing stressors; we can also drink sage tea and it contains a number of antiseptic compounds that can calm down our sympathetic responses.

These four steps can help us to significantly reduce body odor and we should do it to become more confident in daily lives. In some people, body odor can be caused by genetical factors; especially if they sweat more profusely than average people.

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