No doubts, when you decide to buy an iPhone or iPad, the budget can adjust according to the item’s quality and market price, for example, we can ready to pay for butter smooth display or touch screen. But we have to consider about gadget’s physical security against we accidentally drop it or the children can scratch on the screen. Don’t worry, the tempered glass screen protector can give you peace of mind, by using this you extend your device’s screen’s life

First of All, let me Introduce the Tempered Glass

This is also known as toughened glass, this is a type of safety glass processed by controlling thermal or chemical treatments, and this gives it a strength compared with normal glass. Because of heavy strength, its demand not only in mobile industry but also used in passenger vehicle windows, shower doors, architectural glass doors and tables, refrigerator trays and many more. It is physically and thermally stronger than regular glass.

Tempered Glass v/s Plastic Screen Protector

Lots of reviewers on YouTube are in favor of Tempered Glass, they shoot video in which they have dropped their phones and the tempered glass top layer takes the damage instead of the phone.

5 Reasons to choose Tempered Glass

  1. More Durable: The great thing that associated with TG is that its durability, in most cases the 2.5D hardened to prevent original screen to meet the keys, coins, or other metal item in your pocket. You have not to worry about scratches because the screen guards applying already.
  2. Toughness: People see it as it is more secure than plastic at the same price. Practically the plastic screen guard gets scratched easily, while the around 0.3-0.5 mm in thickness layer in glass guard safe in that case.
  3. The Look: The thickness is in favor of glass protectors, it looks invisible and when you touch the screen, it feels smoother than the conventional plastic.
  4. The installation: Several reviewers and user complain that the plastic screen guard installation is tougher than the glass protectors. The Glass guard installation process is easy.
  5. Price:  as a universal rule, the good things have few high cost, similarly the plastic guard available in cheap price that the Hardness Tempered Glass Screen Protector, but in reality it is not costly. The price difference because of the quality and technology applied with glass guard, such as an oleophobic coating increase the price but it prevents your screen to fingerprints.

Last but not Least Words

I’m not in favor of compromise with quality; sometime the cheaper variants of tempered glass protectors also can experience bad. You must search for quality iPad-screen-protectors than the cheap but not quality guard.