It is important for us to proactively protect our body against a wide range of toxins. Modern people consistently live with and breathe synthetic chemicals each day. It has been noted that the body of modern people tend to decompose longer, because their body is loaded by preservatives that they obtain from food over the years. Unlike our ancestors, we are handling and using an enormous variety of chemicals. Industry is dumping chemical waste to the nature and it will end up residing in the soil and sea. This will have an overall bad impact on our health. Given this condition, we should know things that cause us to get exposed by so many chemicals.

Reasons Our Body Is More Vulnerable To Toxins

Here are some reasons why:

  1. We choose less healthy food: It is important to consume organic food whenever possible. Processed food will slowly harm our body, because high sodium and chemical content. By making healthy food choices, we can reduce the overall toxic load. When we go to the grocery store, we should avoid going to shelves that contain fake and highly processed food. Instead, we should go to the fresh produce sections.
  2. We don’t have enough whole food B vitamins: Healthy DNA depends on proper sources of vitamin B. Nutritional yeast is often considered as the best source of vitamin B. Many processed food products could contain synthetic vitamins that are added by manufacturers; however it also means that we will miss out much of other nutrients. As an example, we won’t get inositol that breaks down toxin-loaded fat cells for quick disposal. Choline is a liver detoxifier and a potent natural detergent. It ensures healthy production of bile that can absorb toxins in our body. Synthetic vitamin B complex doesn’t work as well and it is missing some of the associated substances. In fact, some people have reported heart arrhythmia and nervous disturbances due to constant exposure to synthetic vitamin B. It is a good idea to consume nutritional yeast regularly.
  3. We don’t get enough antioxidants: Chemicals can slowly damage our DNA and antioxidants can provide adequate level of defense. Fresh carrot can be cut up and used as healthy snack. It contains plenty of antioxidants vitamin C. Instead of drinking soda, we could add lime or lemon juice to cood water. We may add some sugar to improve the taste, this is better than drinking soda that’s so overloaded with sugar.
  4. We don’t get enough good fats: Radiation and chemicals can deplete essential fatty acids from our body. We need to get enough Omega 3, 6 and 9 at approximately equal amount each day. There are plant-based sources for these nutrients; such as legumes, dairy fats, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnut, chia and flax. Good fats are essential in ensuring healthy weight. Every cell in our body requires good fats to ensure proper functions. In fact, about 80 percent of solid, non-water mass part of brain is fat.
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