The number of nursing homes operating in the caregiving sector is rapidly increasing due to the fact that most developed countries are having an aging population that needs care. Nursing homes have been around for decades and progress in this sector has led to many developments, transforming practices to suit for a well-rounded system of caregiving.

However, the industry is tarnished by malpractice at the hands of professionals who abuse and neglect patients leading to nursing home abuse cases.

The nursing home should maintain a zero-tolerance policy for negligence and abuse. When a patient becomes a victim of negligence at the hands of the nursing home, they should be held accountable. When this occurs, the victim can file a personal injury claim and a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Choosing the Right Litigation Attorney

An attorney should be sought as the first step of litigation. Many law firms deal in nursing home abuse cases, one of which is the Shiner Law Group. President and Trial Attorney, David I. Shiner alongside his legal team specialize in personal injury claims throughout Florida. David holds a significant reputation in handing over justice to clients who have wronged and abused.

Whether it’s a workplace injury, car crash or motorcycle accident, nursing home abuse, etc. Shiner holds remarkable experience in championing the plaintiffs. Attorney Shiner has helped sufferers and victims attain entitlements and compensation that they deserve. In Florida, Attorney David’s popularity in the legal fraternity continues to grow due to his approach of giving back to the community who feels helpless against the system and pressure of insurance companies.

With that being said, here is a brief guide on what kind of behavior emanates in a lawsuit:

Hazardous nursing home premises – If the nursing home is in a deplorable state in terms of cleanliness or if there are hazardous elements present in the area which could potentially harm the patient, a lawsuit awaits. In addition, the environment should also be secure; slip and fall accidents must be prevented.

No proper training of employees – Showing negligence in hiring and training which results in medical negligence committed by an employee, risking the health or actually causing a health risk.

Neglecting health and safety policies – If the standard health and safety policies with respect to sanitation, cleanliness, etc. are not maintained throughout the care center.

Failing to provide the right medical treatment – Standard medical care including not giving medicines on time, performing treatment rituals and methods which are absolutely necessary for well-being. The patient complaining about the demeanor and any sort of malpractice committed by caregivers.

Is there a federal regulation?

All nursing homes are required to follow regulations proposed according to 42 CFR sec. 483.25 (h), which states:

  1. The area where a patient is staying should be free of hazards.
  2. Every patient requires supervision and assistance devices to counter any possible accidents.

If the nursing home facility fails to comply with the regulations, your best first step should be considering a lawsuit.

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