Cycling has gone on from being a way to commute to a full-fledged sport. Although competitions have been around since the advent of the cycling culture, it is only recently that the growth of this industry has taken place. Today, enthusiasts can opt for the different forms of cycling from cyclocross to speedway, mountain bike racing, and more. The sports is finding its way into the global limelight with more people joining the industry each passing year.

The current generation of bicyclists, however, have an advantage to their disposal which was not around previously. Today, they have many mentors and coaches as compared to before. This is also among the main reason this sport expanding rapidly. One of the key personnel who has devoted their lives for the betterment of cycling is Nicholas Clark.

Born in 1975, Nicholas started cycling as for recreation. This love for bicycling flourished as he continued to ride, and before he even knew, Clark had become a true enthusiast. Today, he is a coach and a mentor who encourages youngsters to become a part of this growing sport.

Nicholas’ Career began small when he joined the Western Australia Institute of Sport. His sheer dedication and love for cycling grew with his skills with a bike. The signs of his impending success started to become clear as he joined Team Spenco in Belgium. Although his abilities on a bike were enough to speak for his talent, Nicholas had to start small by becoming a domestique in this Belgian team. Watching the pros and learning from them further ignited the love of cycling within him. Shortly after he joined the Belgian team, he was called upon to join the then UCI World Tour team ‘Casino Petit ‘Ag2r’. This is where Nicholas got the chance to grow and nurture his skills on a bicycle. Later on, he joined the ASC-Vila do Conde followed by Kio Ene- Tonazzi-DMT. In both of these teams, Nicholas performed as a Rouleur which gave his career a massive boast altogether.

After representing multiple teams and securing a bronze medal against his name, which he won at the UCI World Championships, Nicholas decided to establish his own team for which he moved to the United States. Owing to his exquisite career, TER Cycling Team immediately offered him a role as a Director Sportif. He left this post a while after to pursue his career as a coach. He well reviewed bicycling coaching clinic under the banner of ProBike FC. Nicholas, among a team of professionals, strives to offer novice bicyclists a chance to learn from the elite of the industry so they can go on to become great cyclists and serve this sport to help it grow. Nicholas also founded Pro Bike FC where he sells high end and niche products. All in all, it is fair to state the Nick is passing down his decades of experience to new riders, and continuously working to help the sport grow.

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