Interviews of noteworthy personalities in the global spectrum of business include Tim Cook, Sheryl Sandberg, Richard Branson, and several others alike. These interviews are often a great source of education that deliver rich, powerful, and insightful messages.

The best interviews in the world are brought to life by the knowledgeable, sharp and charismatic host. The strength of the interview depends on the host conducting the interview.

One of the interviews that recently got our attention is that of Ken Goldman. From 2012-2017, Ken served as the Chief Financial Officer of Yahoo! Ken appears in Tech Talk with Anu – a video series hosted by Anu Deshpande, a Silicon Valley based Investment Banker. Tech Talk with Anu is a series where Anu Deshpande invites notable individuals from the world of tech/finance.

Anu’s network of high profile individuals and her interviews with them are a refreshing source of knowledge, inspiration, advice, and credible insights into the world of tech. In fact, Goldman’s appearance at Tech Talk with Anu is a gateway to learning about the intricate details of his experience as CFO of Yahoo! The former CFO talks about having faced a number of challenges and what exactly it took to transform and prepare Yahoo! for the $4.8 billion acquisition by Verizon.

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