“An idea is essentially built on as much on imagination as it is on reality. A big idea may come from nowhere. If you are wise, recognize it, acknowledge it, use it. Otherwise, it returns to nowhere. A big idea can consume one’s life. It inspires you, motivates you. Identify it, recognize it as early in life as possible, and own it. And then implement it. It’s not a valid idea until it is implemented. Charles Darwin got his idea about the theory of natural selection at age twenty-nine; Einstein’s theory of relativity at age twenty-six; Marie Curie discovery of radiation in her late twenties; and Mozart’s Symphony No. 1 in E flat at age eight.”—an excerpt from the book Of Human Nature and Good Habits by Prabhash Karan

For many, it is very common for their working life to begin at an early age, either by university requirement or by the fact of wanting to gain experience. But, a lot of people are thrust into this because of their needs. Prabhash Karan is an Indian engineer who was thrust into this from an early age too. He graduated from IIT Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, India and then started working as a metallurgical engineer in the major iron and steel plants, cast-iron and non-ferrous foundries in India. Prabhash came to USA and earned master’s degree in Computer Science in from Pace University in New York. As a software engineer, he was involved in the development of three operating systems for IBM. Prabhash worked hard and diligently from an early age and is currently enjoying the fruits of his labor. He contributes a lot of his success to starting work at an early age. Here are some major advantages that you get for starting work early.

You become independent

Starting to earn money will help you gradually fulfill your dreams and realize them before anyone else. Early bird catches the worm. For example, you can save without a problem to buy whatever you need in your life

 Responsibility and maturity

When entering a job, you are assigned responsibilities which are important to be carried out, since otherwise, not only you lose but also the company.

And even if you do not believe it, you will begin to acquire a degree of maturity and responsibility that everyone will recognize you, but calm, that you will not become more bored or anything like that.

You gain experience

The best decision you can take while studying is to gain experience, something indispensable even for jobs in video game companies.

In addition, when applying for another job, you can opt for a better position (and salary) as you will have prior knowledge.

Gathering experience allows you to explore different areas, and that will help you in the future to make the decision to study a master’s degree or diploma.


Working also means starting to work with other people, meeting people, expanding your public relations network, and starting to know what it is to be tolerant and even understanding with others. After this, school work will seem zero complicated.

Future relationships

Another great plus that you will have is that you will interact with larger and more experienced people, this will allow you to start learning about other topics and maybe even get better job opportunities.

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