Are you sick of the same old horrible tasting drinks that are sold in the name of health? Well, DrinkAde is the solution to that. It’s health in a bottle that is unlike any other. Founded by American entrepreneur and principal investor in the commercial real estate industry, Edward Parrish Whitaker IV, definitely knew what he was doing when he made this exceptional drink. DrinkAde is a unique drink that comes in many different flavors. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals and is as healthy as a drink could possibly get after a long night out.

The founder of DrinkAde, Edward Parrish Whitaker IV, initially started his career as an investment Broker on Wall Street. He worked at Morgan Stanley where he was in charge of managing funds exceeding hundreds of millions at 21 years old.  He was the youngest broker to win the National Sales Direct Award and also graduated #1 in his class.  Parrish founded DrinkAde in 2012 when a holistic doctor of the family devised a drink for his father and his sister, who was battling Lupus at the time.  Seeing the excellent recovery that both family members made by drinking the drink, Parrish was impressed and soon after, DrinkAde was formed. The product was highly successful and was distributed nationally within 5 years.

Mighty Purse

Have you ever felt absolutely done with life just because your phone ran out of battery and you don’t have enough space in your purse to carry a portable charger with you? That should be the least of your worries now that there’s a thing called Mighty Purse. This innovation is devised to feature a charging port inside the purse which allows you to charge your phone when it’s just neatly tucked away from sight. So when you do have to use the phone, the juice will be full and you won’t have to stress!

The aforementioned innovations have been at the top of the list for many people today, due to the plethora of benefits that each innovation provides the consumer with. Not just that, these innovations are also some of the best in the market today for a variety of reasons, with some of them being health concerns. They also serve as great examples for new entrepreneurs!

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