You’re only as strong as your weakest link. All of us have heard this line hundreds of times in our lives. This statement is backed up by a lot of truth which is only validated by every single group effort that’s ever taken place. By weakest link, we aren’t necessarily undermining the efforts of that one individual who falls short in a thing or two. In fact, it’s a testimony to the fact that in spite of you believing that you are equipped with the necessary skill set to propel into ground-breaking success, you cannot do so unless that one person who is falling behind is enabled to overcome his or her weakness.

This is the key feature to running any successful business. Businesses are composed of employees of various levels; from CEO’s to interns, all of which contribute to the overall sustainability and workability of the company. CEO’s and business owners are constantly reminded of what it takes for them to be great leaders. It is of pivotal importance that the CEO develops an attitude towards his or her workforce which combines elements of sternness yet empathy. Essentially, in a conference room, it shouldn’t just be the CEO and the executives having a conversation, but the interns should also be encouraged to pitch in their novel ideas. Hence, a business owner has to be dominating, yet never overbearing. People should be able to speak up with them without fear of being rebuked.

Nicole Price is one of such examples. She is the founder and Executive of Operations at Lively Paradox – a business consultancy group. Nicole is renowned for her skills at engaging with a crowd allowing them to bring out the best in them.

One of the biggest drawbacks that companies face today is that there are employees who feel dissatisfied with their job. Sure, the essential concept of a job is to achieve sustainability. However, if the workforce of your company sees their job as nothing more than a hassle that they have to get done with, it will only decrease their productivity and consequently that of the company as well. For Nicole, it isn’t merely about being a better leader for maximum productivity, but it’s about creating a comfortable and safe enough workplace for people to acknowledge the directives and perform well using them. You have to bring about a sense of leadership within individuals, and allow them to harness that skill into being better while dealing with their employees. Nicole Price has been nominated for various awards and has published numerous books on bringing out leadership skills in the existing workforce of a company. In fact, this is exactly what she offers with his company Lively Paradox.

Lively Paradox conducts seminars and classes on diversity and inclusion for executives of a company. Following through on these classes can lead to a stark increase in a company’s workability and effectiveness as it leaves the workforce motivated and content. Essentially, your company has to be seen as a safe space for employees to grow as professionals.

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