Looking for a job is no cakewalk. While the old hands with a job to support their families might be looking for a better option, the new graduates are usually worried stiff from the enormous responsibility of trying to get effective employment. The search and short listing of desirable companies, forwarding the resume, and attending the interview calmly and professionally is no easy task. That is why getting in touch with able job agencies with long experience and a reputation to boot is usually the desirable way forward.

However, the prospect of approaching an employment agency may not always seem to be a feasible solution for many job seekers. This is on account of certain misconceptions that the newbies find hard to shake off. There are numerous myths circulating about headhunters and staffing companies that make the first time job seekers a trifle apprehensive about the outcome. The fresh graduates might be unaware of the existence of such a service provider as they are confident of finding a suitable post easily simply because they consider themselves to be well educated.

It is time to separate the truth from a wrangle of falsehoods about the job agencies in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada. Remember that no reputable and respectable employment service agency will stoop to the level of:-

  • Demanding money as a fee for the service that will be rendered in future.
  • Offering the clients whatever openings are there at the moment without bothering to match the qualification to the job type.
  • File the resume and then forget all about it for years until an opportunity arrives out of the blue.
  • Retain a part of the salary and pay the remaining to the client after he has secured the job.
  • Try to fill a vacancy without understanding the requirement properly.
  • Are only successful in providing temporary or part time jobs.

It is necessary for the job seeker to understand that the job agencies genuinely try to bring an employer and employee face to face in order to fulfill a vacancy that requires specific qualifications and experience. It is now quite apparent that the employment agencies do fulfill a particular role wherein it is effective in providing suitable employment to people who are looking for work right after graduating from high school/ college. Opting to approach a placement agency is certainly the best option available to secure a job post education as opposed to a self search.

There are a number of advantages of contacting a placement agency when looking for the first job though. A fresh graduate is completely unaware of the regulations and interview norms and experienced job agencies can definitely guide them properly especially when the job market happens to be as highly competitive as Toronto, Canada.

Advantages that a Placement Agency Offers

The agencies have their own strengths that go a long way in organizing the job search process effectively thereby saving both the time and effort of the job seekers who benefit from:-

  • Being guided expertly by the personnel who are well versed with the industry standards and have specialized knowledge of diverse industries and their working process
  • Interacting with job agencies who have a good relationship with prospective employers
  • Knowledge of available vacancies that have not been advertised publicly
  • Knowledge of future prospects
  • Being told about the pros and cons of contractual obligations
  • Prepared by job agencies for the impending interviews
  • Understanding whether the vacancy requirements can be fulfilled
  • Knowledge about corporate culture
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