An argumentative or persuasive essay is a task given to students of all majors in literature or social studies. Despite the minor differences of these two essay types, the general approach towards them is the same: you should choose a decent topic to illustrate and provoke a discussion within your paper.

The chosen topic is controversial and debatable, so that it is intriguing to the readers to understand your viewpoint on it.

How To Research For An Argumentative Essay

The first step is deciding what to write about. Find a topic of interest and make a loud and catchy thesis. It is possible to search for controversial issues on the Internet. Moreover, you might choose the least debatable like ecology or education, or some that are close to the wind like adoption, abortion or sexism. The list of proper topics and tips towards writing a successful paper can be found on Privatewriting:

The second and nearly the most important step is conducting a research. Once you have made up your mind to write on some issue, make a plan for further research.

Start from the counterpoint: you need to understand all the strong points of the polar opinion to understand how to outbalance them. Then it comes to searching for data on your standpoint. For example, if you are to write about the benefits of infant development methodology, find articles claiming the harm of it first. Then you might proceed to investigating the pros of premature development.

Where should you search for the data? The most reliable source is always a library. But why going there if you might use the best books and magazines on your issue online? The variety of web sites provide trustworthy data, statistics and quotations.

While making a research, put down summaries of the strong points supporting your opinion. After you are done, arrange them logically or in direction from the most accurate and vivid towards the least ones.

One thing each writer should always keep in mind is that an essay has no room for strong emotional phrases even if the topic is burning and striking a cord. Personal opinion should be supported by undeniable evidence. In addition, it is forbidden to make up evidence or say something you are not sure about. Only a well-written essay will claim for an excellent mark.

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