What does it take to be a positive role model and a good mentor? It takes a good attitude, interpersonal skills and love for one’s profession. This holds true for Patrick Imbardelli-one of the best hoteliers and managers in the USA today. Patrick was the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Pan Pacific Hotels Group. This name is no stranger in the hotel and hospitality industry in the world today. It is one of the best luxury hotel chains in the globe. It has excellent service qualities and has been the recipient of many awards across the globe. The man behind this outstanding success of the hotels is Patrick Imbardelli.

Patrick Imbardelli has been a positive role model for the PPGH chain after he joined it. He has a rich track record of being associated with reputed hotels in the past. He is also known for his training and inspiring motivational skills. Patrick has said that it is very important for you to trust your inner qualities and abilities. With the aid of this trust, you can effectively move on and create positive impressions on the mind of the customer. The hotel industry is a challenging one and it is important for you to ensure that you are enthusiastic and not suffer from the lack of morale. He has been in the hotel and hospitality industry for three decades. He provides his staff and subordinates tips on how to improve customer relations and services. He admits that sometimes guests are hard to manage but as members of the hotel and hospitality industry it is not wise to lose temperament. There are ways via which you can manage such unhappy customers. He gives them the training and the skills required to make them better professionals. He has succeeded and this is why he is well loved and respected by his peers and staff today.

Besides motivating and guiding employees Patrick has also been instrumental in enhancing the business operations of the PPHG chain of hotels. He has been a good business planner and helped the Company prosper to a large extent when it comes to growth and development. Patrick has a defined vision and a keen eye for perfection. He has in depth market knowledge and this is what makes him popular and widely sought after as an indispensable figure in the hotel and hospitality industry today.

Thanks to the sincere efforts and business management strategies of Patrick Imbardelli, the PPHG chain of hotels is one of the best across the globe. Those people who have been associated with Patrick closely state that he has been one of the best role models of the hotel chain for everyone. The management, staff and guests love his presence. He is a great mentor and believes a great deal in trust. This trust brings goodwill to the professional and along with quality, the service becomes memorable. It is not always money that works, it’s the humane touch that makes you popular and personally endearing to all- this is what Patrick Imbardelli is to all those who know him!