Physiotherapy and chiropractor Newmarket care are probably two of the most controversial areas of healthcare anywhere in the world. This is mostly because there are physiotherapists and chiropractors who are ill-equipped for the practice. However, when you come across a physiotherapist or a chiropractor who is really good at the practice, your life can change. Below are common misconceptions about Physiotherapy and chiropractor Newmarket.

You need to be referred by a general practitioner before you can consult a physiotherapist or a chiropractor. Whether you consult a Physiotherapy and chiropractor Newmarket based on a referral by an orthopedic surgeon, or if you just decided to seek their help on your own, you will be given topnotch medical help. This is because as long as you contact credible physiotherapists or chiropractors, you are in the hands of someone who has formally studied the practice, and who has been treating cases like yours for years. When you are using insurance, though, you must make sure that direct consultation with these medical professionals is covered by your policy. If they require the opinion of a general practitioner, then you must consult with a general practitioner first to make sure you are complying with the regulations of your insurance policy.

Common Myths About Physiotherapy and Chiropractor Care

Physiotherapy is just for injuries and chiropractors only treat back pain. This is probably the most well-spread misconception about Physiotherapy and chiropractor Newmarket. It is far from being true, though. Chiropractors treat more than back pain because a lot of ailments and joint pains are closely linked to spinal column problems. Most of their patients consult them because they suffer from headaches, ear aches, and even organ malfunctions. A good chiropractor would be able to give a correct diagnosis and apply chiropractic treatment to the patient. Physiotherapists are the same. They can give treatment to musculoskeletal problems which could also be causing other body pains even if the problem was not caused by an injury. Physiotherapists can help patients who are suffering from joint pain because they have gained too much weight, for example, or are recovering from a stroke. Chronic pain due to aging and wrong posture or walking can also be treated through physiotherapy.

Surgery should be the first option and not physiotherapy or chiropractic care. This is also far from true because both Physiotherapy and chiropractor Newmarket care are less invasive and less risky than surgery. Most patients who suffer from aches and pains, or who are trying to get treatment for injuries choose physiotherapy or chiropractic help before they decide to have surgery. Surgery can cause further trauma because for implants to be attached to affected joints, muscles will have to be cut and replaces. The recovery time and the pain involved often turn patients off. The cost of surgeries is also a lot more than a non-invasive method. At times, though, surgery is inevitable, especially if nerve damage is involved and quick treatment must be done to repair the ligaments and bones. However, if the injury is not that bad, chiropractic care and physiotherapy should still be the first options after ample immobilization.

You might have heard of myths about Physiotherapy and chiropractor Newmarket. Call us today and know how we can help you.

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