Cafes are not just commercial spaces where one visits to instantly gratify his or her  craving for coffee . In fact, these are places where socialisation takes place, old friends meet, introverts read, intellectuals share ideas and conossieurs come to treat their taste buds.  All in all, a good cafe brings to life the age-old yet glorious cafe culture.

So, what makes for a good cafe? Well! Read the tips below and find out:

1. Location:  That’s a no-brainer. If your cafe isn’t easily accessible, all the good coffee that you serve is going to get wasted. The idea of choosing the location also depends on the brand-image that you envision for your cafe .For example,  if you want to popularise your cafe as a quaint little den  amidst mountains for coffee lovers, then do not choose places which are nearly impossible to reach to, but at the same time; do not choose a location which is very crowded.

2. Buy the right equipment:  Choosing quality equipment is the foundation of preparing a cup of coffee so delicious that it would leave your customers asking for more. Just like coffee-beans  sourced from a trusted coffee roaster ensures high-quality; buying equipment from a reputed hospitality superstore  would help you get equipment that delivers performance and won’t leave you absolutely penniless.

Generally, most people who visit  coffee shops look forward to gustatory delights in the form of various coffee types such as lattes, cappuccinos and mochas (though, you might get a few customers who prefer the typical plain, black coffee). Therefore, an espresso machine and an espresso grinder  are must-haves to make these espresso-based coffee drinks. Similarly, grinders help produce the the ultra-fine grind required for espresso machines to work effectively. Ideally, you should purchase at least two conical burr grinders, one for regular espresso beans, and a second for decaf.

3. Invest in creating the right ambiance: Even before tasting the coffee at your cafe, a customer notices the ambiance there.  Right from the lights and music to the kind of coffeeware and furniture you use ; everything is going to either make or break the ambiance of your cafe. A good idea is to opt for theme-based design and decoration (also called concept –cafes). This could range from a chocolate-themed cafe to something as unique as a tree-house cafe.  Along with terrific taste, introducing something unique in terms of ambiance may prove to be an effective measure to stand out amidst established local as well as international cafe brands.

4. An amicable staff: Okay! So the coffee that you offer tastes awesome but the one who served it behaved awfully with the customer. Do you think the customer is going to come back to you? Well! No. So, always hire people who have got pleasant personalities. Since, you can’t make or force anyone to be pleasant overnight, the best way is to hire fresh graduates, preferably with a degree in hotel management/ culinary sciences/ hospitality management.

Are you planning to open a new cafe or have you already got one recently? How’s it going? Share your responses and ideas in the section below.

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