With the advancement of technology, everything has modified same way getting education is also changed. Now the approach of traditional education has changed and students prefer to use online approach to get an education because they think by getting online education time is saved and learn as per their own schedule time. No doubt it is true but to this advantage, there are many other challenges that student’s face who get an online education.

Understudy whittling down rates in online courses are nothing to boast about. Research led by Columbia University’s Community College Research Center has demonstrated that understudies who select in online courses will probably pull back or fizzle from the course than understudies in conventional up close and personal courses. Considering that the thought behind online courses is setting up understudies for progress, these outcomes are disappointing. Bigger courses offered on worldwide or national scales have a 90 percent wearing down rate. Also, understudies who battle with online courses will probably fall behind in their customary courses. So let’s have a look what challenges are faced by e-learner.

Virtual Classroom Engagement

Probably, the most important challenge that online students face is the lack of face to face conversation with their instructor or other classmates. Online education is completely based on virtual environment, where all the course material is uploaded, assignments, as well as it provides chatting room for any query and another discussion. It is up to the professor that which medium they used to give lecture to students like PowerPoint presentation, video posting, lectures documents, or live stream lectures. Student face problem in the virtual environment that they do not feel engaging. Sometimes lack of face to face communication in online education become problematic in the future for students when they enter in their professional career.

If you also face any issue while getting your online education than it is important to find out the root cause as soon as possible.

Adaptability Struggle

In the starting, the students face the problem when they switch traditional classroom to computer-based learning. They find completely new experience due to which students face Cheap Assignment Writing Service problem to adapt these changes quickly.  It takes time to get familiar with such environment. The behavior of learning will not the same in the traditional and online education. Students who enjoy traditional learning and comfortable in making notes from lectures are face problem to adopt change.

Technical Issues

While getting the online education you must maintain a proper infrastructure such as high-speed internet, standby UPS or generator and high-quality and updated laptop or PC. The main issue that becomes the barrier in online education is low bandwidth. Such technical issues make it difficult for students to maintain equilibrium in education. Some online courses required more technical support and software installation due to which they seek technical assistance from someone. So it is very important to check the technical requirement of the course before going to enroll in it and arrange all equipment to avoid problem during the course.

Computer Literacy

Although it is very rare in this era if students unable to perform the basic operations of a computer such as the installation of small programs or command on Microsoft word. If they do not know these things then the student will unable to control their course files, make PowerPoint Presentation and assignments on it. Computer Literacy is very important and it does also mean able to fix computer threshold problem. Having a knowledge of computer help them to get an online education without any disturbance and break.

Time Management

Time management is a challenge for online students because here no management who supervise you and your actions. Here is the ability of the individual person that how they manage their time for study along with other task and job. For the effective management of time students can also use online schedule planner tool so that you can organize your schedule effectively, you can set the reminder on the different task and overcome collapse.


Self-motivation is very important in online education and thus it becomes a challenge for online learners. There is a lack of motivation for learners to prepare themselves and proper check and balance that whether their online education goals is to achieve or not. Students should find motivation in themselves and cope with the difficulties that are faced in the starting of the new journey. When we walk along with the trend of education you feel motivated as well as ready yourself for the future challenge that you face while pursuing your education online. Remember well the power and positive attitude help you to bear the challenges of lives.  Also, motivate yourself that online education has great worth in the future.

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