The diamond is on a short list of the most important stones in the world, prized for both its natural beauty and its use in industrial trades, which utilize the stone’s natural hardness. In fact, the diamond is both the hardest stone on Earth, and one of the most beautiful to the masses’ eyes—its rarity and magnificence increase its price. No wonder then, that man has sought  to—and succeeded in—creating diamonds in the laboratory. Are these cultured diamonds (also known as lab grown) worth the same amount as mined diamonds? And is cultured truly the future of diamonds?

Diamonds are an exhaustible resource

Today, diamonds are highly appreciated for quality, shine and hardness as ever, but with sustainable market trends growing and growing in every marketplace sector, new attention is being placed on how unsustainable diamond mining is.

Some experts estimate the complete depletion of diamond deposits by 2030, and all the digging it will take to get to that year will further damage Earth—irreversibly so. Enter the cultured diamond: a sustainable replacement.

What is a cultured diamond?

Cultured diamonds (also known as lab grown) are made in laboratories using more environmentally friendly methods versus the diamond mining industry. With cultured diamonds, for one, no mining need ever take place. The resulting lab-engineered cultured diamond has the same chemical and physical characteristics as a natural diamond: same composition, hardness, shine, brightness, etc. In fact, many times, cultured diamonds are better than their mined counterparts, because only 2% of mined diamonds are Type IIa status, one of the most coveted in luxury. How many cultured diamonds are Type IIa? All of them!

The Increase in cultured diamond usage

There are many popular jewelry brands that have begun to use cultured diamonds. For instance, Lark & Berry, one of the most prominent brands in the UK, used cultured diamonds exclusively. All Lark & Berry jewelry is made from cultured diamonds and stones. This designer-focused brand offers a range of different items, including gala wear, jewelry pieces and a lot more.

Lark & Berry offers the finest in jewelry items. Celebrities like Helen Mirren, Regina King and Clara Paget have worn the brand. Lark & Berry jewelry has a unique, modern design inspiration and has become incredibly popular since the brand’s launch in 2018.

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