Hobbies vary from person to person. While someone may love swimming, others might prefer spending their leisure time jamming. Just like hobbies, every person brings a unique set of skills to the table. In fact, a lot of people are mastering multiple activities simultaneously. It is not at all necessary for every person to be perfect in what they are doing. Everyone learns and grows; after all, every fruiting plant or tree was once a mere seed.

They say talent and interest have no age. You can make the most out of it in whatever age you are. While some people find their passion after retirement, Jonathan did it at quite a young age. At the age of 17, Jonathan, commonly known as J. Ills, joined the U.S. Army National Guard hoping to have a better future and to get as far away as possible from the problems back at his home. After completing from high school, J. Ills wen for BCT (Basic Combat Training)/AIT (Advanced Individual Training). Jonathan labeled his experience at BCT as something he would never forget. He spent six rigorous months of testing his mental and physical capabilities to overcome every challenge thrown at him.

In addition to serving the army, J. Ills has had a great passion for music from an early age. So much so that he chose singing as his profession. Jonathan is now a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, podcast host and an entrepreneur. This African American is also the founder and owner of a record label “Real Lion Entertainment Inc.” At an age when parents make sure their kids are focused on their studies, Jonathan started working on making his music. He was only 15 years of old back then.

Under his record label, Jonathan has released five mixtapes. J. Ills makes music which focuses on hip-hop, rap, hardcore rap poetry, pop rap, R&B, dramatic, and trap. Some of his biggest influences from the very beginning had been the best names in the industry like Eminem, Travis Scott, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Pink, Jon Conner, Denzel Curry, Rihanna, Schoolboy Que, Mozart, and Dr. Dre, etc.

Since practice makes perfect, J. Ills has been working on perfecting his music and has been trying to find new inspiration for his music. He is also practicing his flow and delivery, making him better at rapping. He has words that are loud and well-spoken making his music different from the many other artists who are doing clichéd beats in the industry.

Just like other singers and music producers of the industry having their own style of composition, J. Ills also has a distinctive way of making his music. You can find his work on Apple Music, iHeartRADIO, Player.fm, Beaker, Google Play, Spotify, and SoundCloud, among other platforms. Jonathan’s music has evolved a lot over the years. He has devoted his entire life to making exceptional music for his audience.

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