Calling someone a jack of all trades is basically the equivalent of calling them an utter perfectionist who have so far managed to master any field of expertise they’ve set foot in. Practically, this might seem like an unrealistic ideal employed by someone to put emphasis on a personality that can manage to execute two or more tasks with one being slights more mediocre. Essentially, no one could be a jack of all trades, right? Well, prepare to meet Paris Aspen Arin.

At the age of five, Paris had become so drawn into the world of symphony and classical music that her parents, Esra and Kamel, felt that it was absolutely necessary for their young daughter to harness her skill. Hence, Paris was enrolled at the prestigious BYU School for Music in the year 2007 and was taken under the leadership of Professor Paul Powsak. At this prestigious and dignified institute, Paris Aspen Arin was able to build up more and more on her natural ability so that it could take form into the beautiful symphony that it is today.

There are many people in the world like Paris: people who have the natural ability to perform exceptionally in an area of expertise. However, unlike Paris, most people lose this feeling as they grow up and realize that taxes weren’t just a myth. Yet, the truth is that Paris’s story doesn’t just end at harnessing her ability as a classical pianist. Paris Aspen Arin, as on April 2019, is only fifteen years old. This young girl was presented with the opportunity to become something of herself by skill, hard work and determination and she did just that.

Today, Paris is known to perform with the best orchestras at some of the most renowned venues in the nation. In addition to being a classical pianist and receiving multiple accolades for her work, she has gone on to publish two children’s novels, release her own applications, write and perform songs and much more!

Since Paris had become a pro in playing piano, she felt obliged to help others reach the same level of control and expertise over it as well. With this aim and purpose, she partnered with Jonathan Keith—a composer himself—to launch the ‘Aurax Music App’ in 2016. This application allows pianists to practice great symphonies. Over the years, this musical prodigy has bagged several awards and achievements. Paris is the ‘Junior Music and Peace Ambassador’ at Harmony for Peace Foundation. Paris released her first ever single back in 2017 titled ‘Shelter’. This song was followed by several other singles like ‘Storm’, ‘What’s inside of you’, and ‘One World’, etc. there are a few more singles that are ready to be released this year in 2019.

Suffice to say that while the term ‘jack of all trades’ might seem unrealistic to many people, Paris Aspen Arin has made it clear that if you’re dedicated and hardworking enough, you’re bound to find your way towards success.

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