Everyone wishes to be an entrepreneur these days but not most of the people you would stumble upon having such aspirations are made for it. By “made for”, it is certainly not suggested that a person has an innate talent or ability which cannot be acquired or developed. In fact, the most worthwhile traits of an entrepreneur developed over the course of one’s career. Very few get lucky and it is not everyone’s job.

There are certain traits which make up the right entrepreneur. Failure to have them would be a failure to be an entrepreneur. Many people boggle about the lifestyle of entrepreneurs which is ridiculously cutthroat. Finding a work-life balance is a far-fetched concept, especially during the first years. It entails unrelenting stress, challenges that can buckle your knees, and a massive responsibility. Critics of Elon Musk’s 100-hour-a-week work schedule do not understand what he’s trying to build.

If you are someone who aspires to be an entrepreneur, here is why you would be a good fit:

  1. You are not eyeing monetary success – Idolizing monetary success is a failed concept and not the right approach to start out in a field of career. There are a million different things about a career choice that should motivate you. The last thing an entrepreneur should be motivated about is millions of dollars. Surely, money does come down the road but it can drive an individual frustrated when you are struggling to reach a breakeven point and forecast profit margins.
  2. You want to help – Whether you want to help the world or people, it is one of the traits that make up a good entrepreneur. You may not be as extra as Bill Gates but you can be as specific as Tony Park, who’s built a large number of businesses in his portfolio throughout a career that goes over 40 years! Today, his businesses are worth more than $50 million and are thriving in retail, tourism, service, online marketing sectors, etc. To inspire people, Tony has also written a book called “Ignite Your Life”.
  3. You cannot silence your mind buzzing with ideas – Your mind is a safe haven of ideas and there are hundred different scenarios you have crafted out. You find a problem and think of a solution and try to think about how it could turn into an entrepreneurship opportunity. That is a major signal you need to identify.
  4. You idolize famous entrepreneurs – Batman, Superman or Spiderman are not your heroes. The real heroes you call are sitting on top of business ventures. You have a knack for reading about entrepreneurs and learning from them. It is a great habit and should help you down the road when you are attempting to dive in the field of entrepreneurship.


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