Over the years, the growth rate of heart and lung diseases has been a concern for the society. With the research efforts made by a specialist and other individuals in the field of health care and life sciences, more awareness is being raised about these conditions. Cardiothoracic surgeons such as Saverio La Francesca, are the forefront of any new advancement in the treatment of thoracic diseases.

With their research, these conditions can be addressed properly and it can be ensured that they are not as life-threatening as they have become. The growing awareness is a necessity largely due to the fact that the general population needs to more conscious about the threat that these diseases pose and what can be done to prevent them or treat them when they strike.

The following are some major things that shed more light on the issues regarding the growing prevalence of some diseases involving the heart and lung but also including other organs contained in the chest like the trachea and the esophagus.

Biggest Killer – Heart Disease

Heart disease has been at the number one spot of the most deadly condition for quite some time now. Even in developed countries, it causes the most number of deaths on annual basis. Awareness of the condition can help to cut down the rate because a large number of heart diseases are caused by known risk factors and some of these factors are hereditary. Apart from seeking out medical attention, the dangers of heart disease can also be managed through lifestyle corrective measures. It’s also surprising to see that these measures can make a huge difference in the overall risk a person faces. However, awareness about life-threatening conditions that cardiothoracic surgeons treat is still very limited. This increases the chances of sudden deaths where people are unaware of the symptoms and causes.

Often Inter-connected

Many diseases of the chest, such as heart and lung or throat and esophageal diseases are often interconnected. This is why cardiothoracic surgeons like Saverio La Francesca specialize in this area. Many heart diseases can cause degeneration in the lungs which can also begin to mar lung function. The interconnected nature of these diseases can also make it difficult to pinpoint the major issue at hand. Treatment is also more effective once you find out the cause of the issue so it plays an important role in the diagnosis. People often don’t understand this factor, which is why these conditions can often worsen so much. In such cases, treatment can often be complicated as doctors have to ensure that their treatments are being effective in all areas.

Can Require Transplants or Implants

When diseases of the chest become life-threatening, the only options left may only be an organ transplant. There will always been a shortage of available tissue and organs for use and, therefore, alternatives must be found. Saverio La Francesca is one of the doctors that is developing new cutting-edge bioartificial implants. He was the former President of a publicly traded biotechnology, Biostage and has recently founded a new biotechnology start-up, Orgagen, which mission is to induce the patients’ own body healing response and regeneration.

Luckily, as more progress is made, lung, heart, tracheal and esophageal diseases will be treated more effectively with the help of doctors like Saverio La Francesca.

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