The cleanliness of a car is one of the most important factors in terms of overall car maintenance.  Performing regular, basic maintenance not only maintains the car’s appearance, but also helps to avoid the wear and tear caused by simple neglect of the vehicle that can also lead to less enjoyment or reduced life of the car.

A company that delivers a wide range of car care and automotive additive products is Hi-Gear Products, Inc.– an American manufacturing company that provides a range of consumer products for car appearance and overall car maintenance.  Hi-Gear, founded in 1992, has quickly grown on to become one of the leading companies to offer a wide range of automotive aftermarket products.   The company is head-quartered in Massachusetts, USA, and has a large distribution center in Fitchburg, Ma. The company is family-owned and lead by its president, Svetlana Aptekman.  Today, Hi-Gear is a forerunner in car care products, as they produce and manufacture premium products at affordable prices.

The Hi-Gear team understands that for some car owners, taking special care of their car is a daily routine and a point of pride. However, most people have little extra time or cash to make cleaning and polishing their car a priority.  If you find yourself in this category, you are not alone!   For you, the everyday car owner, here are some very simple and pain-free tips that will help you make your car always look new.

  1. Have on hand the basic materials that will make cleaning your car quick, easy and effective. Keep a bucket or pail in your trunk or garage with just a few key items: car wash, sponge or brush, cleaning rag, interior cleaner, and a good quality wax or polish.
  2. The first thing is the simplest, wash your car consistently to maintain the exterior finish.  Use a high quality car wash, like Hi-Gear’s Doctor Wax brand.  Using a microfiber cloth, clean sponge or cotton rag will not damage the paint, which you should also protect with waxing and polishing whenever necessary – usually at a rate of every 3 months or so.
  3. Change the air filters and oil on a regular basis.
  4. Clean the car’s interior with the appropriate surface cleaner for the area you are cleaning and remember to clean air vents; you can do it with a brush and/or a handheld vacuum.
  5. Rugs and carpets are really a headache because they get dirty on a daily basis, especially in the rainy or bad weather seasons. Using a carpet cleaner designed for automobiles is a good idea.  Hi-Gear’s carpet and upholstery cleaner works great for this purpose.  Do it on a daily basis to avoid lasting stains and the accumulation of dirt and soot.

These easy steps, once routine, can go a long way towards increasing your enjoyment of your car.  Furthermore with regular mechanical maintenance, and using high quality engine additives like those offered by Hi-Gear, your car will last longer and run better.

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