Cars have come a long way since the early days. Of course, some of the basics haven’t changed, such as the benefits of protecting yourself and your machine with insurance from Perhaps, though, you’ve been thinking about your next transportation purchase. Here are five reasons why electric vehicles are especially attractive.

No Guilt

Driving electric means driving clean. The Florida skies, like anywhere, are susceptible to air pollution. Big cities with smog problems usually put cars at the tops of their lists of culprits. Cities and businesses have recommended carpooling, public transportation, walking and bicycling as alternatives, but no plan so far has been completely successful. Drivers of fuel-free vehicles have found another promising solution. Imagine cruising in your greenmobile whenever you need to get somewhere. Want to feel the outside breeze? Prefer air conditioning? The climate for your ride is your prerogative.

No Sacrifices

Some people have thought going green means going without. While that may have been true in the past, the eco-friendly vehicles of today are leaving nothing to be desired. They’re as sleek as they are efficient. Although lightweight, they are surprisingly well-made. The range has gotten longer as the generations of models continue marching forward. Insurance is easy to come by if you visit Is there anything these cars don’t have or allow for?

No Noise

Forget rumble and tumble, these little gems are as quiet as a good night’s rest. No noise means you don’t have to turn the stereo volume up nearly as high. It also helps with your own ears and how much vibration you can personally handle. Living around barking dogs, ambulances and other disturbances, it sure is nice to enjoy a little peace when you’re inside of your green bubble. Even hybrids aren’t this quiet.

No Frills

Some of today’s automobiles come with a ridiculous amount of bells and whistles. What some buyers fail to realize is how quickly the cost of each little whatsit adds up to a pretty penny. Most electric models are designed with efficiency in mind, and buyers tend to enjoy cost savings more than a lot of extra features they probably won’t use. Those who are savvy on maintenance and repairs see another advantage of simplicity: The less things there are, the less things there are to break.

No Fuss

Buying a new car, whether electric or not may be more costly than the alternatives, but there’s something to be said about having a warranty. Some models even come with a service plan, another excellent value. When something goes wrong or you reach a maintenance milestone, simply make an appointment and bring it into the dealership. Enjoy the lobby while you’re waiting, or ask an associate for a ride to work. Your policy can even include roadside assistance in case of tire failure or other emergency.

As cars continue to develop, you’re likely to see some models gain popularity while others are written down in history as flops. In the case of electric, so far, so good. If you’re still not sure, go ahead and take one for a test drive.

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