If you want to own a disabled car which is robust, safe, practical and easy-to-use, you should check out the websites of bigwig suppliers of disabled vehicle in the UK because these suppliers generally have different sizes of disabled cars for sale ranging from compact, three-seat mobility cars to bigger, eight-seat wheelchair-accessible vans!

The suppliers of disabled cars are fully aware of the fact that the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle by a customer is a decision which is largely linked to a ‘requirement’ rather than an impulse. This is so because the purchase of a disabled vehicle can make a massive difference to the mobility and personal freedom of people living with disabilities. Depending on your personal needs, your particular disability and your circumstances, you can go in for a disabled car which caters to your safety requirements as well as the safety of the other family members travelling with you.

Since buying a disabled vehicle would probably be the most important decision made by people living with disabilities, it is essential to keep certain aspects of disabled cars in mind before actually purchasing such a vehicle. These aspects chiefly related to your preferences, budget and circumstances — are:

  • Manual transmission or automatic transmission
  • ‘Size’ and ‘function’ requirements (a compact disable car ideal for two people or a bigger disabled vehicle for accommodating a care group or a big family)
  • Seating arrangement inside the disabled car
  • Affordably priced, high-quality disabled car
  • Compliance of a disabled car with stringent safety standards (national and/or international)
  • Comfort levels of the disabled car
  • Reliability and safety of disabled car for both wheelchair users and able-bodied passengers.

Along with a due consideration to the above-mentioned facts linked to the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, you should also check out whether the supplier offering disabled cars for sale has a specialised manufacturing unit for disabled car conversions. This is a crucial aspect to be considered while purchasing a disabled vehicle because these vehicles involve certain conversions to a regular vehicle like the lowering of the vehicle’s main floor to provide more headroom.

Moreover, in accordance with your requirements, you should also check out what different types of wheelchair-accessible vehicles are being offered for sale by the supplier of such cars. Generally, wheelchair-accessible vehicles are of two types:

  • Disabled vehicles in which the wheelchair user cannot access the driving position; and
  • Drive from wheelchair vehicles (also called ‘internal transfer vehicles’).

Most of the prominent suppliers of disabled vehicles have an ongoing research and development programme related to disabled vehicle conversions. The programme involves regular feedback from the existing users of disabled vehicles, so that the suitable adaptations can be made to the vehicles in accordance with the needs of the users of these vehicles.

Overall, most of the bigwig suppliers offering disabled cars for sale in the UK ensure that the disabled vehicles are put through a rigorous in-house quality control testing, before the vehicles are actually delivered to the customers. They also partner with the leading Disability Insurance Specialists, for the purpose of protection and insurance of the wheelchair-accessible vehicles they sell to their customers!

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