For individuals who own a firearm or multiple firearms, storing them safely and securely is essential to your own safety and also the safety of your family members. If you are a parent, the thought of your young child accessing dangerous items such as bleach or matches is frightening enough, but what if your child was able to access your firearm? The results could be catastrophic if it’s not secured properly. Having a stranger access your car or house keys is a nightmare nobody wants to live through, but what if a potential criminal stole your firearm, and worse still, attempted to use it against you?

These are all frightening thoughts, but have the potential to happen if you are not prepared to be responsible of your firearm and fail to store it safely and securely. This is why correct and safe storage techniques plus gun-safety training can help prevent any possible forms of tragedy within your household.

How To Store Guns Safely In Your Own Home

It’s no secret that for many adults and children alike, guns are certainly an item that sparks curiosity and interest. Individuals who are not experienced or fail to hold the knowledge of firearm safety are often unaware of the possible dangers that surround firearms. They may wish to fool around or even act out scenes they may have watched on television, which can often be a recipe for disaster.

Take a moment to look over our essential tips in order to prevent the possible risks and dangers surrounding guns at home, and what you can do to keep your firearms safe and secure:

1. Always treat all forms of firearms as if they are already loaded. It’s good practice to always assume that a firearm is loaded even if you believe it isn’t. Each time a firearm is needed to handle for any sort of reason, always make sure to check as to whether it is loaded or not.

2. Always make sure that the firearm’s muzzle is pointed away from you, others and in a safe direction. A ‘safe direction’ is when the firearm is aimed in a direction that even if it was accidentally fired, it would not cause any form of injury.

3. Never place your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot. When you need to handle a firearm, always rest your finger on the outside the trigger guard or even along the side of the weapon. Never touch the trigger unless you are ready to fire.

4. Always be one hundred percent knowledgeable as to how your firearms operate. This means that you should always take the time to read through the manual carefully. You should always know how to safely close and open the action of the firearm along with how to remove any ammunition.

5. Always keep your firearms stored in a securely locked safe, cabinet, or purpose storage case. Mounting Solutions Plus supports have a safe place to keep your guns. This will ensure that your firearms cannot be handled by children or anyone else without your permission or knowledge. It’s highly recommended that ammo is stored separately from your firearm.

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