To open a mall used food & beverage kiosk , how to choose location, why some shops located in remote alleys are flourishing year by year, while some shops in busy areas are difficult to do? Shop location, experts put forward five suggestions. Shop location, a shopping mall on the first floor of a new clothing store. The most important thing for business is timing, location, customer and so on. For terminal retailing, good store location is the key to profitability. Here blow are some basic steps to open a food kiosk in mall.

First of all, confirm what business you are going to do .

There are many different business threads in mall , So which is the best one to go with.  This is the necessary step before you start a food kiosk for sale . we need to get the authorization of a brand.

To get this done, you can find the right brand on the Internet or in the shopping malls of developed cities, and then contact the brand company according to the contact information of the brand company to obtain the company’s information and brand authorization.

Secondly, go to the mall and get a lease

they go directly to the shopping mall to talk to the director of investment invitation. They usually have several brands on their hands, which are generally good.

After being authorized by the brand, we need to go to the Merchants Department of the shopping mall to discuss the occupancy, submit the required information according to the requirements of the shopping mall, and wait for the approval of the occupancy.

After the brand has passed the examination and approval, the key is to choose the location of the store. The location of each escalator is the best choice. The side hall has an advantage over island kiosk. It is suggested that entrepreneurs should be cautious when they come to this point. The location is unsatisfactory. Even if the previous work is wasted, they should not reluctantly accept it, because your reluctant acceptance will lead to the closure of your shop and throw it away in vain. There are tens of thousands of dollars in it.

Thirdly , get your food kiosk build and installed

After signing the lease contract, submit the coffee kiosk design drawings to the shopping mall for examination, and contact the decoration company for decoration preparation. After the design drawings pass the examination, go to the Department in charge of the shopping mall floor for decoration formalities. After the decoration is completed, the normal business will begin.

Choose a good position and start signing the joint venture contract. What we need to pay attention to is the store deduction point. Every brand is different deduction point. It affects at least several hundred yuan every month. So try to win, you can dredge the next network, which is good for the future.

When signing the contract, it is necessary to pay the residence fee, the quality insurance deposit and the decoration deposit. After the withdrawal of the quality insurance deposit, the deposit will be refunded from three months to one year, the decoration deposit will be refunded after the completion of the decoration and the acceptance of the qualified products will be refunded. Other expenses are not refundable.

Finally , Hire workers and start your business.

The last step is to hire workers and start to open the kiosk . While you still need to do some advertising on line or off line.  There’s no business is called easy or most profitable . you need to work hard and find your own way to promote your business. Give great service and product. And lucky & money will find you one day.