The hourglass shape is considered the most flattering body shape on women. It is the shape we all wish to have with a cinched in waist and wider chest and beautiful butt! Hollywood, to make our dreams seem more approachable, is flooding with beautiful women who are not just talented but are a beast in the gym to maintain their beautiful hourglass bodies leaving us in awe.

Here is a list of actresses who have the bodies of our dreams:

  1. Marilyn Monroe

Long before the media was dominated by the Kardashian bodies, Marilyn Monroe rocked the category of having the perfect hourglass body. Back in the 1950-60’s era, she was considered not just charming and appealing with respect to her personality and acting skills but was also seen to be a sex symbol with the beautiful body of hers.

Her body was definitely nothing like any others with her size, as she was never too afraid to put her cellulite on show at the beach! She was indeed a timeless beauty.

  1. Beyoncé

Second, to none, the beautiful Beyoncé is a force to be reckoned with. She’s oozing of talent and confidence and elegance of her own. She’s a complete role model for our generation. She’s not only committed to making meaningful music and being a wonderful mother to her three kids but also, maintaining her iconic body. With rising celebrities like that of Anna Kendrick and Chrissy Teigen losing their mind when they meet her, it’s difficult not to notice the aura she carries.

She is a true star with the body of a goddess which would take us forever to get to but let’s not lose hope ladies!

  1. Blake Lively

The queen of Red Carpets, yes! That’s what she is! She’s one of the most relatable celebrities out there with her wits and awkwardness – our teenage girl-crush Blake Lively also known as Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl. Her style is unmatched and always leaves us in awe! Despite being just-so-amazing on the red carpets, she’s an incredible cook (as per her handsome Husband, Ryan Reynolds) as well. Not just that, she also possess a body of our dreams. Her perfect hourglass figure compliments whatever she wears on the carpet adding in that missing cherry on top.

  1. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a beauty who not just brings the ever-so-amazing Black Widow to life but is unapologetic of almost everything. She’s never afraid to shut down any sexist comments thrown her way which makes us fall even deeper in love with her.

With the skill set she possesses, she also has the perfect hourglass body we all wish to have. Her incredible proportions are to die for making her a total babe in the Marvel Universe and we cannot be any happier!

  1. Jennifer Lopez

The queen of our hearts who can do anything anytime, Yes, its Jennifer Lopez we’re talking about! There’s nothing this woman can’t do, be it acting, singing or even dancing, she has conquered all! With the number of capabilities she has, she also rocks her physique which is never out of style. Even at age 40, her curvy body is just like that of a Greek Goddess which she carries with confidence that can kill! She has a workout routine which keeps her in shape!

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