Our doors have a difficult job, and for the most part never let us down, but do we really take care of them the way we are supposed to? If you are interested in not letting the small things get to your doors, then read through some of these very common but avoidable mishaps that they can face when we deal with them thoughtlessly. Being careful of these things could drastically prolong the time you need to take before needing garage door repairs.

How To Avoid Common Garage Door Issues

Check the Springs

The door springs are exceptionally important components in the system, because not only do they keep the door’s balance in check, but they just about support the entire weight of your system by themselves. This is why it is important that there are two of them fitted and working at the same time. Very often when one breaks, owners are happy to let the remaining one do all of the work, but this can really take its toll on your door. This will contribute to a gradual loss of balance which will make it harder to operate as time goes on. Besides that, when that remaining spring fails (and it will) you run the risk of destroying the entire door as it falls to the ground.

Keeping your Door on Track

The garage door tracks help slide the door along gently, making it much easier to operate than it would normally be. To take care of them properly, it is a good idea to keep them properly lubricated from a time to time. There are moving parts on the track that cause friction during operation, and without proper lubrication they will eventually wear down. Be careful how you store items like brooms and mops as well. Anything in your garage that leans against the tracks can act as a leverage point during the door’s operation to pop it off of the tracks, and getting it back on is not always an easy task. Not ever, actually.

The Safety Sensor

The safety sensors is not just about keeping people safe from your door, but keeping it safe from other obstructions that might damage it. Properly working sensors should stop the door from closing if there is anything between them. The idea of this is that the door should never close on an obstruction, and should stay open to avoid any damages. Test it regularly, and if it is not working you should have it replaced. After all, you don’t want the door coming down on your car, damaging both.

How To Avoid Common Garage Door Issues

These are some of the most common problems, keep in mind there are many more. All you need to do is to keep your door in mind: When was the last time you had it checked? Is everything alright? Are there any strange sounds during operation? You will be surprised how many issues you can prevent by a simple visual inspection every once and a while, and so it is highly recommended.

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