This article helps you to understand what you should and shouldn’t wear in Barcelona if you want to feel yourself and look like the locals. This is a great occasion to hire a car in Barcelona and go shopping as fast as possible. You definitely need few items of clothing to add your look. What you cannot find in the article? You cannot find the description of the fashion brands and stereotypes about the Spanish and Catalonians dress habits. Do you know why? Barcelona is cosmopolitan city, influenced by different European countries. The people are usually dressed up according to their age and season. That’s it!

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Blend into the Crowd

Catalonia and Spain are inhabited with the progressive people, especially progressive in design and clothes. Nevertheless, there is nothing better than conservatism, even in the way you dress yourself. The aged people like conservative quiet colors in their clothing. Young people are free to wear their favorite jeans and T-shirts in addition to the comfortable shoes and sandals.

Catalonians take care of their appearance and image. They like different clothes, design clothes. They like everything that is high quality. It is not difficult to find the clothes of high quality and for the good price in Catalonia. This is a big joy for tourists! To conclude: Catalonians are conservative in the way they are dressed but such popular brands as Custo Barcelona and Desigual boast their bright colors.

Quality of Materials

The material is very important. Thus, the weather is mostly warm and pleasant here. So the clothes are made of the airy and light materials. It must be also a good sun protector. What about the color? The summer clothes may be different colors.

Seasonable Clothes

Summer makes people wear light clothes because of heat. The winter months make people to wear clothes of the autumn colors. If you have jeans from such cold countries as the USA, Canada and North Europe, you may wear them in winter season in Barcelona. If you wear the dense textures, you feel hot and uncomfortable. If you want to wear jeans in summer, you are recommended to buy them in Barcelona. They are definitely light and comfortable. You will be surprised how great you feel by dressing natural cotton clothes. The clothes must be picked according to the climate you are in. Just spend some money and buy something light and natural right here in Barcelona.

Winter is cool in Barcelona. So, wearing jeans is the best decision. It is recommended to have a warm jacket. The weather is not often rainy. But spring, especially April, always comes with rains. Where is your umbrella and raincoat? Nevertheless, the days become warmer and wet. What about autumn? The autumn is pleasant and sunny. The last autumn months are cool. As you can see, you don’t need many clothes in your wardrobe.


What You Should and Shouldn’t Do to Pick the Right Clothes in Barcelona

You should wear the light clothes in the period of May-September.

You shouldn’t wear the dense jeans that are typical for the USA or Canada in summer. It is better to wear the light cotton pants instead.

You should wear the light and white clothes in summer and autumn colors in the cold season.

You should respect religion. The church is still important for Spanish. So, coming in the church, you should dress up the pants for men and strict clothes and a scarf for women.

You should dress holiday clothes if you go for the good restaurant for dinner. There is no special dress code, but dinner time in the restaurant means that everyone must be well-dressed.


You shouldn’t wear shorts in the city, this is the beach clothes. If you wear shorts – you are tourist! You should wear the light skirts or pants. They are soft and comfortable to protect you from the sunlight. It was mentioned many times from the different informational sources that you can often see people dressed in shorts in the city. They are also tourists! It happens that locals wear shorts, but they are mostly aged people.

You should go shopping and learn the clothes items that are sold there. The city if full of different shops and it is not difficult to find out what clothes is the most popular at the season. You can feel the difference! If you want to buy something for everyday wearing in Barcelona, it is better to find it out from the local shops. The materials are light and soft.

You shouldn’t wear the waist bag. Of course, it is very convenient to keep your cards and documents there. Nevertheless, only tourists wear it.

You shouldn’t wear shorts, low cut skirts and dresses in the city center. Unlike this, you may stay topless on the beach. Catalonian women are conservative in the city but free in the way they are dressed on the beach.

You should wear the clothes that suit you. Catalonians like wearing good clothes. They are dressed by size, color and season and look stylish. Winter is not the reason to forget about the style. This is a season to wear tight jackets, boots, dark colors and look stylish.

You shouldn’t wear clothes of bright acid colors. What about green, yellow, red? They are most preferable. Of course, there are many branded shops for young. The clothes are bright and interesting. You can easily go shop there. Nevertheless, whatever you like, try to be careful in combining colors and styles. The uncombined styles and tones are impossible!

You should wear jeans dividing them by colors and materials. What about the style? Oh, the style can be really different. You may choose something really crazy but nice!

You should remember about the footwear. Catalonians like wearing shoes. What is more, they like good and new shoes. Your look can be easily spoiled by the old-fashioned pair on your feet. Watch that! You may also wear sandals in hot weather.

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