Samsung’s line of smartphones which is known by the name Galaxy S has made a late entry in the global smartphone market, but the cutting-edge features of this range of smartphones could win over the heart of millions of consumers from all over the world. The latest member in the family of Samsung Galaxy S is Galaxy S7 which was launched in early 2015 and customer feedbacks on this phone were very positive. However, Samsung developers have already started to focus on the concept design and specifications of their next release so that it can keep up with the expectation of the potential and loyal clients.

3 Add Ons That Will Make Samsung Galaxy S7 Better Than The Best

Here is a list of add on features that we expect in Samsung Galaxy S7 and that will make it far better than the rest:

  • Flexible Display: Flexible displays are definitely the in style for smartphones that will release in the year 2015. The trend was started by LG and rumour has it that most smartphone brands are following suit. The probable benefits of having a flexi phone are the users can comfortably talk over the phone, it is more user-friendly and resistant to damage and the videos and games played on it will be much more lifelike. However there is no denying the fact that including this feature would mean increase in production cost per unit and that would imply a price hike as well. But I guess the Nexus fans will be more than happy to spend a little more to get this better feature.
  • Shatterproof Display: Smartphone users have to use their expensive gadgets like babies, as these gadgets extremely fragile. Just in case it slips of your hand by mistake, the glass screen will shatter into piece. So this time we really want Samsung developers to come up with a technology that will make the display of Galaxy S7 absolutely invincible.
  • Bigger Screen Size: The Samsung Galaxy S4 came with a 4.95 inch screen size which is very good as per the standards of 2013. However, if Samsung Galaxy S7 wants to give a tough competition to the other smartphones that will be released next year, then it must enlarge it by an inch or so. Then it will meet up with the standards of the phablet style phones which are in vogue these days.

These are the three add ons that we expect in Samsung Galaxy S7, to keep the consumers crave for it and once they own it boast about it. Moreover, as Note 5 would appear the gates for the official hints for the next Galaxy S phone would also open. Keep sharing your expectations from Samsung Galaxy S7, who knows our wish might get granted!!