Software that Turns Mobile Smartphone Into a Desktop PC

Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic – Jan 20, 2015 – The Revolutionary Desktop is innovative software that transforms smartphones into a desktop PC. This is going to change the technology world and provide something that users all over the globe can benefit from. In today’s society, the advancement of smartphones has made them so powerful that they can substitute laptops and computers. Creators have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise capital to develop the software and make it available on the market.

This software will change the way smartphones are used. People already carry it around everywhere because it is so compact and efficient. With the direction of technology, smartphones are slowly turning into mini computers. Now the future is here with the Revolutionary Desktop. This software allows users to turn their phones into fully functioning laptops or personal computers. It can be used wirelessly or connected like a desktop.

Innovative Software Is Revolutionizing The Way Smartphones Are Used

For it to be connected wireless, the software must be installed into the phone. There will be a specific icon that users will press to connect to a TV, wireless keyboard and mouse. Business people who are constantly traveling to meet clients and attend conferences can use this to carry around their work with them in their handheld device. People can create documents in any format, including the new Microsoft Office documents. They can also surf the web, put together graphs, and edit presentations. All the things that can be done on a laptop or PC can now be done through mobile device.

It can also connect like a normal PC through a docking device. Individuals can check their Facebook, order pizza, play music and videos, play games, and do so much more. Keyboard shortcuts will still apply just like in a normal PC. Now people do not have to buy multiple devices to meet their needs. It can be done on their phones, which will save money since they do not have to buy a separate laptop and computer. Smartphone applications are almost comparable with programs in an ordinary PC and the technology is always getting better. This single device can be used for personal and work purposes, to add more convenience and efficiency.

All that is needed to use the device is a smartphone, docking device with an HDMI cable or a Google Chromcast to connect wirelessly, along with keyboard and mouse that can be wired or wireless for any connection. For wired connections to the TV, the phone must have an HDMI output. It is only available for Android phones. However, there are plans to bring this to iPhones in the future. With the Revolutionary Desktop, it will make buying a computer much cheaper and make it an affordable option that meets the technology needs of individuals.

Innovative Software Is Revolutionizing The Way Smartphones Are Used

Funding from the campaign will go towards finishing  development of the software, which will take about three to six months. A portion of the contributions will also go towards sponsoring developers to modify their programs and travel to meet mobile phone and operating system producers. If there is great interest in the software, the plan is to bring this software to large producers like Google, Apple, and Microsoft to show how great the Revolutionary Desktop is. Then, propose a plan to have them incorporate it into their new phones and operating systems.

The company also hopes to make it a cheaper alternative for personal computers and laptops, which they can bring to countries that lack this kind of technology. This will help third world countries in growth and development.

Their campaign is to raise $10,000 and needs to be met by March 12th, 2015. If they do not reach this goal, it can take years before this revolutionizing software is available in the market. All backers will receive rewards for their contribution.

This is going to change the way the world views smartphones and personal computers. Help bring this great change to the world. Make a contribution today at

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