Turkey is one of the best destinations for tourists from all over the world. The country offers a diverse history, culture, and architectural buildings that leave the tourists amazed. From beach resorts to historical ruins, one is simply spoilt for choice. The destination also caters to those traveling on a budget as well as the rich. The top sites one must visit while in Turley include;

The Cappadocia

The great Cappadocia is known for its beautiful landscape. It is located within the Central region of Anatolia and features landscapes that resemble chimneys, Pinnacles, and cones. The formations are as a result of past volcanic eruptions and erosions. The landscape also has carved houses and underground cities, which were added by the people who were living here. To make the scene more memorable, a hot-air balloon ride is available for the more adventurous.


This is the other spectacular site that has been ranked as one of the Seven Wonders of the World today. Bodrum is located in the southern region of Turkey. It features cliff top resorts, fascinating ruins and elegant beaches that continue to attract people from different parts of the world. The site also has one of the ancient castles called the Castle of Sr. Peter. It was built in 1402. It has now turned into a historical museum. Bodrum is also vibrant and it is one of the best destinations for those into loud music and clubs.


This is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is located in the Anatolia region that is in Central Turkey. The city is characterized by Seljuk architecture and amazing dervishes. Konya has the Melvana museum. It houses the tomb of the legendary poet and mystic Jelaleddin Rumi. There are daily buses and a high-speed train, which can get you to Konya from Istanbul.
The Most Spectacular Scenes To Visit In Turkey

The Ihlara Valley

This is the other amazing scene one must visit before leaving Turkey. The valley is believed to have been formed as a result of two volcanoes that occurred near Mount Hassan and Mount Melendiz. The Ihlara valley is also believed to have housed over eighty thousand people and it was also home to hundred cave churches. The valley is pleasant to walk through and it is surrounded by natural beauty.


Aspendos is one of the well preserved Roman theatre in Turkey and one of the best theatres in the world. It is located in the west side of Turkey, East of Antalya. The theatre was built by a Roman emperor who used the platform to entertain himself. The site was able to house thousands of spectators. The Aspendos theatre also has an opera festival around summer and this attracts thousands of tourists to this site.

The Galata Tower

This is one of the best scenes to visit while in Istanbul. The tower was built in 1348 and it houses the country’s rich historical background. The Galata tower once formed part of the sub-city that stretched to the Bosphorus. The view from the top of the tower will simply make Turkey unforgettable.


Ankara is Turkey’s capital city and its home to some significant sights for tourists. The city has a lively cultural scene and it features ancient ruins, which display its rich historical background. The most notable places to visit in Ankara include the Citadel, Temple of Augustus, and the Roman theatre. There are also historical museums in the city.
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