Your vacation is a time that is designated to getting outside the norm and experiencing things you don’t do on a daily basis. It is also a time when you splurge and spend more on indulgences such as fun-filled excursions, fine dining, and spa treatments. Another often overlooked way to enhance your vacation is to rent your dream car. While an upgrade will most likely increase your rental car budget, it will allow you to drive a car you may never be able to afford.

Enhance Your Vacation By Renting Your Dream Car

It’s Fun

Everyone’s definition of dream car is different—maybe you prefer a car with a leather interior, a classic Cadillac, or you maybe you want to try something sporty and flashy. Even if you don’t have a specific dream car, it can be fun to rent something that you would only dream of buying, or in a color or style that doesn’t fit your daily life. While your daily transportation may be far more functional than it is flashy, flashy can be quite fun. Not only will your luxury car rental attract attention and turn heads, it will allow you to step into someone else’s shoes for a few days.

It may not be as Expensive as you Think

Car rental agencies are in the business of making money, and an upgrade is an easy way to add-on to an existing reservation. If you are not too particular about the kind of upgrade you receive, wait till you are ready to pick up your car before inquiring about an upgrade. The agency may be looking for ways to get more cars off the lot or to free up certain types of rentals. They may also be having a slow day or week and could be willing to offer you an upgrade at a reduced price. The more frequently you rent from an agency, the more bonuses they will offer you, such as free or discounted rentals and upgrades.

It is the Perfect Surprise for your Travel Companion

If you are looking for a way to unexpectedly surprise your travel companion, an upgrade is the perfect way to do so. You can either surprise your partner by selecting a luxury upgrade, or you can rent the car he or she has always dreamed of. Just make sure you are aware of the type of transmission the car you rent has, since many sporty cars have manual transmission.

It lets you have an Extended Test Drive

While you can walk into any car dealer any day of the week and test drive their cars, your test drive time is quite limited. If you are in the market for a new car, but want to experience how it drives prior to buying, renting one while on vacation gives you the perfect opportunity. Not only will it give you a sense of how the car drives, but you can determine the features and functions you will want when you purchase your new car.

Your dream car might simply be something newer than your 10-year-old reliable car, or something smaller and sleeker than your family-friendly minivan. Whether your rental is flashy and turns heads, or a significant upgrade from your daily vehicle, you are sure to enjoy something fun, fresh, and new.


J. Pierpont Kittles is a freelance writer who mainly writes on travel topics; those preparing for a trip may want to take a peek at the affordable rental car insurance from Protect Your Bubble.

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